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  1. trevor

    Improvement with your home practice routine

    Like many others I have been hitting balls at home for something to do and a bit of exercise to stop the old muscles seizing up. My set up is hitting foam balls off the front door mat brought into the garage against a sheet hung in front of the garage door. What I’m beginning to wonder is am I...
  2. trevor

    What should my mate try next?

    Me and my mate have been playing golf for almost 12 years now, we started together and I am now off 16 and he is off 26. If anyone on here asks for advice on how to improve it’s guaranteed there will be answers along the lines of get lessons and get fitted for clubs that suit you. Well last year...
  3. trevor

    Emoji golf balls.

    Quite a few people over the years must have been given emoji golf balls as a present from someone. Just wondering what most people actually do with them. Do you wait for the next monthly medal and proudly tee up your bright red emoji golf ball, hit them at the range and hope you don’t get one...
  4. trevor

    Stableford scoring.

    Just wondering what the rule is regarding writing the score on your partners scorecard when they pick up and score no points in a monthly stableford game. I have been writing N.R. next to that score for a long time now but was told in a light hearted manner that this is not allowed and I should...
  5. trevor

    Playing golf with C.O.P.D.

    COPD is an umbrella term for various lung diseases which makes breathing and therefore doing things quite difficult. This year I have been diagnosed and it’s steadily getting worse, I had to leave work and retire about 4 months ago as I simply didn’t have enough breath to do my job as a...
  6. trevor

    Golf club fitting days.

    I often see clubs advertising a Ping club fitting day or Taylor Made or whatever and they tell you to book a slot, usually 30 to 45 minutes long. Just wondering what the manufacturer expects from the people that turn up, can’t imagine they are going to fit you out with new irons and then you...
  7. trevor

    Lithium battery repair.

    My lithium battery is about 5 or 6 years old now and is starting to fail, sometimes it will manage 18 holes and sometimes less, yesterday it packed in after 3! Once it cuts out the electronics inside it won’t switch it on again until the charger has been connected to it. Just wondering if...
  8. trevor

    Farrington GC Somerset.

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone on here knows anything about the above course? I have moved to Somerset recently from Surrey and looking to join somewhere probably the start of next year, at the moment I’m just playing different courses in the area. I’ve played Farrington several times now...
  9. trevor


    I played greensomes a couple of weeks ago and the golf was good and the company was good but I won’t be in a hurry to sign up for another round. What I didn’t get is the fact that you are basically only playing 9 holes but still out on the course for 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Does anyone else think...
  10. trevor

    Lithium batteries.

    Lithium trolley batteries have been popular now for about 5 years. When I first bought mine I did wonder wether it was going to be worth spending so much money on a battery but as my old lead acid type weren't lasting more than a year and a half I think my lithium has paid for itself now. 5...
  11. trevor

    Water in my Bushnell v4

    Had a little accident on the course today,my trolley fell over on a slope by a ditch and the range finder ended up in the water. Wasn't in long but long enough to get water inside, can't see anything through it now. At home I took the battery out and blew all the little nooks and crannies to try...
  12. trevor

    Golf after retirement.

    :fore:OK so I'm going to be retiring in a month and I'm in the lucky position to be able to do so at the age of 61. I'm hoping to play 3 to 4 times a week (I manage about 2 at present) and was just wondering what all the retirees on here have done. Has your handicap lowered, have you got fed up...
  13. trevor

    How do you disqualify yourself?

    Reading the other post about being disqualified reminded me of the time that someone said to me I should be disqualified but as I didn't know how to I just entered my scores as usual. What happened was I had a senior moment one week and forgot to sign my card so the following week I signed it...
  14. trevor

    H/C rises.

    As far I was aware changes came in this year to allow your handicap to go up as well as down. From what I read if you have 7 or more .1's up it triggered the computer to the opposite of an ESR whatever it's called. My friend has now had 9 straight .1's back due to a dodgy leg but his h/c has...
  15. trevor

    You know you're at a posh club when?

    Played a club last week and we went in the clubhouse after the game and ordered 3 pints and 3 packets of crisps but we weren't allowed to eat them out of the packet, they first had to be emptied into a bowl. What other events has anybody encountered that has made them realise they are in...
  16. trevor

    Summer / Winter balls.

    I keep reading on here that lots of people use different balls in the winter. When do you decide that winter has finished and it's time to get the summer balls out?
  17. trevor


    With the winter and wetter weather coming I am thinking of getting a pair of Macwet gloves as everybody on here seems to like them. Their website has 4 different varieties, just wondering if they are all suitable for playing golf. Also do they keep your hands dry or are they the type that get...
  18. trevor

    Ball in lake, took a drop.

    My 2nd shot to the green was over a tree and over a lake, about 140 yds. I didn't see the ball land because of the tree but one of the other players in the 4 ball said my ball had gone in the lake. A quick look in and it was deep and dirty so took a drop for a penalty, then walked round the...
  19. trevor

    Lessons and custom fitting - am I on my own here?

    I know what the vast majority of people on here think about having lessons and getting custom fitted for their clubs but I would like to give my experiences of both up to now. 2 years ago I got some redundancy money and thought I would "invest" some in a new driver and while I was there I also...
  20. trevor

    Who wears a hat to play golf in?

    Just wondering how many people on here wear a proper hat to play in. I don't mean an ordinary golf cap but something like a trilby or a straw boater. Do you think it looks silly or smart? The last time I played I passed 2 people wearing straw hats and thought they looked quite smart.