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  1. need_my_wedge

    Need My Wedge

    went out to play Friday evening, second shot on the third, needed my 52 degree, only it wasn’t in the bag......😳 seems I have lost my wedge..... 😜. not the end of the world as I was planning on replacing them this year but another two weeks before AG opens.... so dug around in the garage...
  2. need_my_wedge

    Stopped Leaving it Short, Putting Seems Easier.....?

    Before Covid, we had the cup upside down for the pin, which allowed the ball to drop about 1cm below the surface when holing out. Since the return, we have followed many other clubs in raising the cup above the surface so that the ball just bounces off the cup. I don't know about everyone else...
  3. need_my_wedge

    444 Yard Hole In One - The longest ever

    Just read this interesting story on Golf Digest, regarding the longest ever hole in one, recorded by Bob Mitera in 1965. Thought it was an interesting article and worth a share...
  4. need_my_wedge

    Lifetime Membership at Fortrose & Rosemarkie for £3K

    I know the question was posed about lifetime memberships just the other day, but having just seen this, for the price, could be sorely tempted, if I had a spare 3K lying around...
  5. need_my_wedge

    More Vandalism

    Seems the covid restrictions are not just getting to Trump. After the vandalism on Dornoch and Nairn reported recently, a spate of attacks including fires around Glasgow clubs. What is wrong with people these days...
  6. need_my_wedge

    Macrolids - golf wear

    One of the things I would like to see, is the golf brands making more casual off course T-shirts and Sweatshirts. Puma, Nike, Footjoy and Scotty Cameron (stupid expensive) do the occasional t-shirts, as do Bunker Mentality. It's pretty much limited to a few T-shirts for the most part, but I'm...
  7. need_my_wedge

    Tom Coyne - The Links Life

    Just received an email from Titleist with an article about how and why they mark the ProV, and how to tell what year the markings relate to. Not much to do right now so read through it with mild interest. At the end of the article though, they had a number of links to “The Links Life”, a blog/...
  8. need_my_wedge

    Car Insurance - slightly shocked, pleasantly surprised

    Car insurance due for renewal, just received the renewal email. Every year the renewal goes up £100+, even though I've had no claims in the last 25 years or more. I then have to commence the merry dance of finding a cheaper quote, calling the insurance company to argue the increase, eventually...
  9. need_my_wedge

    Golf Pass - Anyone taken it up?

    Seeing a lot of Golf Pass ads on SKY at the moment, along with the short program with Rory and Di Dougherty promoting it repeatedly. Has anyone actually taken it up, and if so, is it any good?
  10. need_my_wedge

    Questions for any Plumbers on here

    I have three water tanks in the loft, two very large and one quite small. The largest, which seems to be the one that fills the tank in the airing cupboard, and the little one both have overflow pipes that run out over my conservatory. This is not an issue until one starts leaking water, which...
  11. need_my_wedge

    Spot at El Rompido - 9 - 13 Sept

    Bit of a hail mary really as we only know each other from posting here (have only done one foum meet at Trump the other year). We have a small group of 8 heading to El Rompido in southern Spain at the beginning of September for 4 nights and 3, possibly 4 rounds of golf. One of the guys got his...
  12. need_my_wedge

    Dyson V6 Battery

    The battery on our Dyson vacuum appears to no longer charge, as it constantly gives up after 20 or 30 seconds use straight off the charger. It's not the cheapest replacement, but there are a number of options on ebay. Has anyone bought one of the cheaper offerings from ebay? If so, had any issues?
  13. need_my_wedge

    New golf ball brand from Titleist..... well Acushnet

    Union Green golf ball brand has been launched by Acushnet. A two piece and a three ball from the titleist ball factory at much lower cost. Presumably hit the uk sometime
  14. need_my_wedge

    Poor Light Emission from Mercedes Headlights

    I have a 2017 220d with standard headlights (no LED/ Xenon). I do a lot of lane driving when travelling to my office, and in the winter months, the light dispersion from the headlights is pretty useless. I upgraded the bulbs to new ones that are supposed to be 150% brighter, but they actually...
  15. need_my_wedge

    Golf near Gleneagles - ish

    Heading up to Dornoch again at the beginning of May. The trip will involve playing at Dornoch and Brora, but due to the 11 hour trip wiping us out last time, planning to stopover halfway-ish, and hopefully play a round of golf. Happy to play after 3pm on a twighlight, or just 9 holes. Was...
  16. need_my_wedge

    New Year, New Gear - The Good The Bad And The Ugly

    Kicking this off to separate from Tashy Boy's thread. With the new season fast approaching, it seems at the moment that every day is filled with tons of info on new products being released. Over the past couple of days, have seen some right nasty looking kit being touted. So in that vein, of the...
  17. need_my_wedge

    New Taylormade SiM driver - is it resilient?

    Ouch :eek::LOL:
  18. need_my_wedge

    Frozen greens to play or not

    I post this at the risk of another debate on whether we should/ shouldn't play on frozen greens. I did try but couldn't find a suitable thread to resurrect. The only reason I'm posting this is because I saw this article this morning and thought it worth a read...
  19. need_my_wedge

    West Hill or Camberley Heath

    I'm looking to book a round as a birthday treat next month. Currently narrowed the choice down to West Hill or Camberley Heath. Both are top 100 courses, and have reasonable winter green fees for visitors. Having not played either, but knowing many on here have played them, I'm looking for...
  20. need_my_wedge

    The Challenge Japanese Skins I know many of you are not that interested in this type of exhibition match, especially as it is a GolfTV subscription only. Personally don't have a subscription, so won't be watching but the video they released promoting it is quite amusing, thought it...