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  1. Jacko_G

    Royal Dornoch - again

    Vandalised for the second time in two months with wilful fire raising. More whin and gorse bushes set alight. This time between 3rd and 4th and between the 17th and 18th.
  2. Jacko_G

    Lower your expectations PLEASE!

    I think this is worth a thread on its own.
  3. Jacko_G

    Any Sparky's

    Looking to buy a waterproof junction box to join some 4mm armoured cable for a power supply outside which will ultimately run into a couple of sheds. Seen a few in Screwfix/Toolstation/B&Q etc but as always like to get recommendations. Don't ask me anything technical I did well to disconnect...
  4. Jacko_G

    Missing Golf?

    Anyone else not missing the game at all? Probably for the first time in over 20 years I could walk away from golf and not bat an eyelid which is surprising and I think anyone who knows me would say its very unlike me. Genuinely got no urge to play golf or even pick up a golf stick and have a...
  5. Jacko_G

    Boris has Covid 19

    Wow. That wasn't in the script!
  6. Jacko_G

    Bling Your Swing

    Ok, I have used this company previously and they were absolutely brilliant to deal with and the quality of work was top notch! Those with good memories will remember the Ping i20 driver being revealed in all its glory at Dunaverty GC many moons ago.. Anyway fast forward to 2020. Year of the...
  7. Jacko_G


    Gonna get rid of this political point scoring crap from every thread that is started these days. *****PLEASE NIP IT IN THE BUD!***** I thank you in advance
  8. Jacko_G

    Handicap & Covid 19

    Has there been any directive re potentially not getting the required number of cards in to keep an active handicap/index this year? I appreciate I may be a tad premature with this question and hopefully by June/July we'll all be back in full swing with competition golf. Just wondering if any...
  9. Jacko_G

    **Southerness UPDATE PLEASE READ***

    I've been emailed by the club secretary today advising me that the clubhouse will be shut and not open. The course at this time will be fully open and accessible. Can people please indicate their thoughts and initial inclination to travel and play. PM is fine if people don't want to reply to...
  10. Jacko_G

    Saturday Season Opener - Cancelled!

    Email tonight from the golf club saying that the season opener has been cancelled due to the Covid 19 virus. They have decided that it is safer to cancel than risk spreading the infection. Any other clubs done similar?
  11. Jacko_G

    Pepperell DQ

    Actually quite sceptical about starting this thread (it involves an English golfer) in case I am branded a racist again however it really is a bizarre situation. Blame on both sides and also a bit of idiocy involved to. Eddie was DQ'd for signing for the wrong score. He did shoot a 71 and...
  12. Jacko_G

    Dundonald Membership - Cheerio!

    I am hearing that Dundonald Links have lettered all their members telling them as of next year they're no longer welcome and memberships will cease. Corporate and pay only plus stay and play once the lodges etc are all up and built including the new clubhouse. Also heard that the course will...
  13. Jacko_G

    Most Expensive Golf in Britain???
  14. Jacko_G

    South Ayrshire is next!

    South Ayrshire now contemplating closing their courses including Ayr Belleisle and Seafield. I genuinely thought those two would have made money? Just shows what I know. Another sad day for council golf...
  15. Jacko_G

    Big Ben

    Cost of repairs now rising another third to £80 million. Knock the blooming thing down instead. A disgraceful waste of taxpayers money.
  16. Jacko_G


    Why do people use them? Lost another parcel of mine that was supposed to be delivered to me. Last update from Hermes was when they collected the parcel and from there it has never even made it to the process centre. Utterly clueless and incompetent. Hence why I use TNT or Parcel Force.
  17. Jacko_G

    Refreshing comments on equality.
  18. Jacko_G

    St Andrews Eureka moment?

    Yesterday I was lucky enough to play the Old Course again for the 5th time. It has been said to me previously that you need to play the Old Course numerous times to "understand" it and I have to say yesterday I started to understand what they mean when you're told that. I've always had the...
  19. Jacko_G

    Final Group Tomorrow

    Bryson and Pepperell - could get interesting. I'm pretty sure Eddie called Bryson a tit or an idiot or something on twitter last year. Bryson retorted he'd love to meet him and discuss it or similar. My money is on Bryson with a single punch.
  20. Jacko_G

    Laser issue!

    So today for the first time ever I had an issue with my laser. I've heard of people complaining about this or had problems in low visibility or certain light conditions. Today out on the course a slight drizzle/light mist rolled in for about 4 holes and I couldn't pick up the flag at all with...