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  1. slowhand

    Glove Sizing & Fitting

    Does anybody else find that gloves strecth very quickly? I have trouble finding a glove that fits properly (i should be a cadet small in Footjoy but can't seem to find any), and when I do, they seem to stretch after one round. Can anybody recommend a leather glove that would keep it's size and...
  2. slowhand

    Play More Golf Referral

    Just about to take the plunge on a Play More Golf membership before the price hike on Monday. I believe they offer a referral scheme for extra points. Anybody here a member and want to refer me? If so PM the details I need.
  3. slowhand

    Scarcroft Vs Woodhall Hills

    So, further to my recent post regarding Play More Golf, the two local courses to me that offer this are Scarcroft and Woodhall Hills. Both the same price, but Scarcroft is a lot more points per round than Woodhall Hills (9 vs 5 at most expensive, except comps when they are both 9). As I've not...
  4. slowhand

    Playmoregolf Extra Points

    Does anybody here use Playmoregolf for their club membership? I’m looking at joining Scarcroft as soon as my missy gets a new job (was made redundant at the beginning of the Covid crisis) and was wondering how much the extra points cost? Thanks
  5. slowhand

    Touch Up Paint

    Does anyone know where you can get touch up paint for a TaylorMade Spider Black putter? I've emailed TaylorMade but had no response. I've thought of model paint but it doesn't exactly match
  6. slowhand

    Wanted: Powakaddy Winter Wheels

    Looking for some Powakaddy winter wheels to fit an old Freeway (pictured). I'm not sure if the currently available wheels will fit a model this old.
  7. slowhand

    Abu Dhabi Hero Challenge

    Just watching the Hero Challenge that I recorded from earlier, and the atmosphere looks cr@p! Looks like they dragged in people off the street who would rather be anywhere but there. Not a great advert for the European Tour.
  8. slowhand

    FS: TaylorMade Irons & Tour Bag

    Continuing my clear-out, I have the following items for sale: TaylorMade SLDR tour bag Excellent condition, except for a small cut on one side (pictured), the towel clip spring is a little loose and there are some rub marks on the front panel from my trolley. Otherwise all good, all zips in...
  9. slowhand

    Titleist Lightweight Cart Bag - Blue/Black

    I am selling my Titleist Lightweight cart bag as it is surplus to requirements. It is in excellent condition with no tears or scuffs, and all zips work. Comes complete with rain hood. Features: 14-Way Divided Top-Cuff with 3-Way Full Length Club Dividers Fully-Padded 2-Point Sling with Velour...
  10. slowhand

    Anybody had any experience buying from the above site? I have my eye on a Cobra cart bag and they are the cheapest, but not having used them before was wondering what their service is like.
  11. slowhand

    Which End of the Bag

    So I was sat here trying to get some work done but my mind kept wandering back to the following: If you have a set amount of money, say £250, that would get you either a new driver, or new SW & LW, which would you go for, and also which make/model (I appreciate this is somewhat subjective)? I...
  12. slowhand

    Estimating Clubhead Speed

    Does anyone know of a reasonably accurate method for estimating driver clubhead speed based on the clubhead speed data for other clubs? I have Flightscope data for several irons and a hybrid from a gapping session, and would like to estimate my driver clubhead speed if possible.
  13. slowhand

    Winter Distances

    Went to the driving range this afternoon and was hitting the ball quite well, nice slight fade, but the Toptracer figures were around 15 yards shorter than my normal distance for each (done with Flightscope on the same range, so the balls are consistent). The flightscope distances were done...
  14. slowhand

    Chris Kirk

    Sad to hear about his struggles with alcohol addiction but glad to see he has sought help and seems to be on the road to recovery. Looking forward to seeing him tee it up next week, and will be rooting for him to do well, but he's already a winner in my book.
  15. slowhand

    Arccos Caddie with Cobra Connect Worth It?

    I’ve just bought a set of Cobra King F8 irons, which come with Arccos Caddie sensors built into the grips, and spare screw-in ones for the rest of my clubs. Sounds great until you find out it’s only a 3-month free trial and then it costs £100 a year. As I only play about once a month I’m...
  16. slowhand

    WTD: Superstroke Screw Head

    Looking for a replace screw cap for my Superstroke Pistol putter grip. One of these, but from a UK supplier: Anybody got one, or know where I can pick one up?
  17. slowhand

    Home Opens

    Thinking about the European Tour rule that states that if a player misses his home open, he has to play 3 additional tournaments to make up his minimum requirement, doesn’t this discriminate against English players, since the isn’t an English Open? Perhaps when theY brought back the...
  18. slowhand

    Urgent Help Needed

    Mods, please feel free to remove is this post violates any T&Cs. I found out over the weekend that Leeds City Council are planning to close the municipal courses at Temple Newsam in Leeds. This is a 9-hole & 18-hole course open to all, as well as home to Temple Newsam Golf Club, which will have...
  19. slowhand

    Corded Grips

    Back in the day I used to have Golf Pride half-coed grips on my clubs, the ones which were corded all the way down at the rear and just rubber at the front. I have been using the MCC grips currently but don’t really like them, and was just wondering what other corded grips people use
  20. slowhand

    4 x Dozen Titleist Pro V1 Balls

    I have 4 dozen Pro V1 balls for sale, which I received as a prize. However, I can't get on with them. They are all brand new, never been hit. £38 per dozen, including delivery. There are 2 dozen yellow, 1 full dozen white, and 1 mixed dozen (3 x yellow, 9 x white). I also have another sleeve of...