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    Minneapolis right now.

    Are you sure about this? Not protesting against Brexit? :rolleyes:
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    Minneapolis right now.

    I assume "they" refers to aliens. I can't work out what book you are referring to, it must be a comic or some other book with big pictures.
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    Minneapolis right now.

    Loads of countries. If you think about it, loads of countries have fierce divisions based on ethnic or religious background. It's led to civil war, genocide, partition. Rwanda, Bosnia, Kosovo, Myanmar are all recent examples. Many many more.
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    European Tour - UK Swing

    Why is 10 a terrible hole?
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    Do you spend your life waiting for people to tell you what to do? If you try and think for yourself you might find that you are a victim less frequently.
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    Par 5s, Start and Finish

    West course at Wentworth starts and ends with par fives (although the pros play the first as a par 4). I quite like starting with a par 5, you get an opportunity to recover from a poor tee shot. Probably says more about my typical opening tee shot :ROFLMAO: Closing with a par 5 can be great as...
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    Par 5s, Start and Finish

    If you use howdidido or intelligent golf, the stats are all there for each competition. I occasionally look at it when I am checking my result. It's interesting to see little changes, e.g. when the field finds a typically easy hole much tougher due to a tricky pin placement.
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    Par 5s, Start and Finish

    Statistically, the par fives are the easiest holes at my club. The long par fours are the hardest. The par threes are in the middle. I find par threes often represent a hard par but easy bogey. I'm quite likely to miss the green from 180 yards, but then it's a question of whether I can get up...
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    Permitted formats of play

    You're probably ok as long as you don't lick each others balls :censored:
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    Golf shoes.

    I know dryjoys are very popular, but when I've tried them on I've found them to be incredibly heavy and not particularly comfortable. Golf shoes are a funny product. If you started with a blank slate and a design brief to develop a pair of shoes for a 4 hour walk around a park in all weather...
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    European Tour - UK Swing

    Fair to say that none of these courses make the UK top 100. 2010 probably scrapes into the top 10 in Wales. Belfry probably in the top 100 in England; FoA, Close House and Hanbury definitely not. But that's not the point. These courses are all long modern layouts in excess of 7,000 yards, built...
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    Membership numbers and economics

    As others have mentioned, the costs vary hugely. Course: natural links with free draining sandy soil and fine links grasses is much easier to maintain. Some even have sheep grazing to reduce the need for mowing! A parkland course needs more maintenance because it is either too wet or too dry...
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    Day Trading - Options, Index, FX, Commodities

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    European Tour - UK Swing

    Agree on the tax front, it's ok for the journeymen but they will struggle to attract the big names. Also fair to say golf struggles to attract sponsors in the UK. It's just not fashionable / cool / diverse enough. There was another thread about this UK swing only a few days ago. Don't know why...
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    Driving ranges?

    Will you bring your own balls?
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    Postponing Sporting Events (e.g. Ryder Cup)

    Ryder Cup is the crown jewel of the European tour. Also massive for the US. Why would they cancel it? Don't understand why people are mentioning the Solheim Cup, they are unrelated.
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    European Tour - UK Swing

    Beautiful back 9. You can't use that word to describe the front 9!
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    European Tour - UK Swing

    I hope not. Monty and Roman Road are distinctly average, not up to hosting the pros. The Roman Road hosted the Wales Open when 2010 course was being built, players tore it apart.
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    Tiger v Phil

    Recorded it so I could fast forward the adverts. Ended up fast forwarding most of it. Just a horrendous schmaltz fest of epic proportions, something that only the Americans can do. The banter , sorry trash talk, was so cringey. The weather didn't help. I had zero interest in the celebs, but I...