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  1. huds1475

    FS: Evnroll ER1

    Have swapped out for an ER2, so now up for sale. Went for an Odyssey fitting in Feb and these outperformed everything they had in terms of time/distance to get ball rolling properly. The tech works. £150, standard...
  2. huds1475

    FAO Liverpoolphl

    Saw this and thought of you for some reason...
  3. huds1475

    Flexibility / Mobility - Golf Fitness

    Anyone have any experience of golf specific programs, specifically for flexibility / mobility (as opposed to speed training)? I’m about as flexible as piece of 4x2 and am thinking about investing in a program. Only problem is I can’t find anything that convincingly says will tailor to me and...
  4. huds1475

    Flight Tracking

    Went on flight tracker this morning as there’s a plane going back & forth over where we live, turns out some sort of survey company. Then I got curious as to what else is up there, not much, as expected really. There are however quite a few flights over Britain tracking Germany to US...
  5. huds1475

    PGA Tour - Restarting in June

    With the Charles Swaab Challenge in Texas. Behind closed doors. Interesting. I think they're likely to be shot at
  6. huds1475

    Andrew Weatherall

    Passed away today from a pulmonary embolism. Music was a massive inspiration for me growing up. Only 56 :(
  7. huds1475

    H4H Auctions = Closing dates???

    Great effort on these, some brilliant items. Would be really useful to know the closing dates if possible? Cheers
  8. huds1475

    Any finance peeps - Currency Question

    Off to USA end of May and trying to figure when might be best to buy $, 2 - 3k Some long term forecasts seem to predict upwards trending but don't justify? Seems odd given the political situation Are there any general things worth bearing in mind, eg No Deal - Bad, Extension- Good. Is it...
  9. huds1475

    Justin Rose

    Great player. His fist-pump is really getting on my nerves though
  10. huds1475


    Good to see Cantlay being called out by Sky. He's atrocious, imagine having to play with him in a comp, with everyone queuing up behind you. Needs sorting
  11. huds1475

    Mizuno JPX 919

    Formally released today. Not 100% convinced myself, by the looks, but will be interesting to see how they go. Brilliant write-up here...
  12. huds1475

    WANTED: Orange Whip Training aid

    Wondering if anyone has one of these lying around in their garage that they no longer use. Would prefer the iron-length one but interested in any! Cheers :thup:
  13. huds1475

    Problem with longer club distances

    Difficult one to articulate here but would appreciate input from some learned golf folk. I have trouble with distance/gapping in my longer clubs. I'm not trying to hit the ball further, though that would be great, but I am trying to understand why 3w, 5w, hybrid all go similar distances. It's...
  14. huds1475

    Cheeky Scots

    Not only do they have better golf courses than us but now they've gone and beat us at cricket too. Bet that was a good atmosphere at the end of the game!!!
  15. huds1475

    Jlloyd Samuel

    Died in a car crash this morning, just after dropping kids @ school. Bloody tragic.
  16. huds1475

    Proper customer service from Amazon

    Live chat transcript ref damaged Kindle... I contacted them to see if I could have it repaired as it looks like the screen's been damaged somehow. 08:31 PM GMT Rushikesh(Amazon): Hi there 08:32 PM GMT Rushikesh: May I know the trouble you're having with your Kindle? 08:32 PM GMT Me: Hi...
  17. huds1475

    Mark E Smith

    Sadly a legend has passed. But his spirit lives on ;
  18. huds1475

    Moderators - Help required

    Can one of the mods let me know who I can contact regarding an enquiry please? PM would be great. Thanks in advance :thup:
  19. huds1475

    Sticky Idea - Reciprocal Swap Shop

    I have some time on my hands for the next month or so and was thinking I might start to work through some of my reciprocals. If anyone has similar and would like to check some new courses out would be good to meet up. Always feels like I never use them enough! Reciprocals I have, in no...
  20. huds1475

    Taylormade TP5

    Have always veered away from using 'premium price' balls as I didn't get a lot of compression. Now that's changing I picked up a sleeve of TP5's a few weeks ago to use it and was blown away; Distance - Excellent Stopping Power - Excellent Stability - Really Good (I play in the wind a lot!) Feel...