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    Patrick Reed

    Patrick caught clearly improving his lie in a waste area twice before taking his stroke. Guy just cant help himself can he
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    Membership Fees

    A curiosity thread more than anything. With golf being a relatively expensive hobby and some golf clubs struggling to stay afloat, what would you consider a fair yearly fee. What is too much, too little and why ?
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    Footjoy icon's

    Fancy a pair, anybody have any experience of them ? How is the fit with regards to sizing/comfort etc
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    Hosung Choi

    Looking forward to watching him this week on the pga tour, didn't take golf up until his late 20's. Thats what you call proper talent, a bit more interesting to watch aswell
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    Non existent rules

    Having read some replies on another thread it seems people have taken the recommendation of playing your stroke after an uninterrupted opportunity arises within 40 seconds to be a rule. Just to clarify this is not a rule and is only a recommendation, so you can take as much time as you...
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    Are golf magazines still relevant ?

    How many people still buy or subscribe to golf magazines ? Do they still have a place ? With soo much information freely available online, player interviews etc, i can't help but think the time may soon come when we will see the end of golf publications in newsagents etc, i suppose it's a...
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    Right to have doubts ?

    There is a player at our club who since October last year has went from 4. Something to +1.2. All seems very good on the face of it. I played with him once when he was off 4 and thought decent player but nothing out of the ordinary for a 4 handicap really. Also another guy I know played with him...
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    How bad does it need to be

    Just a general question in how bad the condition of your course would be before you'd seriously look at jumping ship. Played today and greens still very poor, greenkeepers had cut fairways and semi rough but left lots of cut grass lying over fairways etc, course in general just not looking all...
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    Hard Decision

    I'll get to the point, currently play out a great wee club, lots of good people and I have a regular group I play with and I enjoy it. Only downside is the courses are owned by the council so the club has no say over maintenance of the courses and the council put as little in as possibly...
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    Following the ball

    I sometimes have trouble filling the ball in cloudy/overcast conditions. It tends to be worse at this time of year with the poor light, does anyone else have this issue ?
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    Mizuno mp18 blades

    Just got fitted for these yesterday, X100 soft step. Currently the same shafts I've used for the last couple of years in my 710 titleist cbs but it was time for a new set and I fell in love with these when I picked them up. Pleased that I was actually carrying the ball 2 yards further than with...
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    Rude playing partners

    I turned up at the club on Sunday morning, my regular playing partner on a Sunday couldn't make it so I asked to join another group in the Sunday medal. No problem, though I did find them pretty rude. I play off 2 and shot level par, whenever I hit a good drive or good shot it was generally met...