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    Playmoregolf Extra Points

    I’ve just looked at my PMG and top up points are; £65 for 20 points. Now if you play in the mornings a game could cost up to 9 points however if you play after 15:00 a game will cost 2/3 points. I hope this helps.
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    Tee time booking and restrictions on how many times a week you can book

    We can book 7 days in advance, allowed to book every other day. Any other bookings will be automatically cancelled. It would be nice to play a little more but equally got to be fair to everyone!
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    Staying hydrated on the course

    I’ve just had a look at some of those Electrolyte tablets, ordered some High5 from Amazon to give a try 👍 I can’t see any negatives as they are virtually zero calories.
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    Staying hydrated on the course

    It’s something I’ve been trying to improve during lockdown, drinking at least 2 litres of water a day. Which is probably why I’ve been thinking about hydration on the course a little more.
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    Staying hydrated on the course

    Curious as to how everyone stays hydrated on the course, how many drinks do you take out with you? Do you stick to water or sports drinks such as Lucozade etc or something else? I used to buy those 750ml Lucozade Sport bottles and drink two during 18 holes, but not been out to get any.
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    Thank you, I didn’t realise and thought it was a pm. Cheers

    Thank you, I didn’t realise and thought it was a pm. Cheers
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    I’ve just noticed on PMG when booking a tee time, that I also have to refer your details. Have...

    I’ve just noticed on PMG when booking a tee time, that I also have to refer your details. Have you joined already? If not, I can send your details in to refer so we both benefit from 10 extra points. Appreciate it, Shane
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    Playmoregolf membership?

    Message sent 👍
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    Hey, PMG member here, be great to get free points if you’ve not been messaged already...

    Hey, PMG member here, be great to get free points if you’ve not been messaged already. I joined right before lockdown so not actually played u see it yet, but my club Whittlebury Park is opening form Monday 👍 Shane
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    Why Is Golf On The Decline?

    I feel I’m missing something here
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    Golf Insurance - Advice needed

    I also have Golf Care insurance, I’ve got the Silver cover but meant to upgrade to Gold before it renewed. Just gives you that piece of mind, also you get 4 free rounds of golf. Albeit I only used two last year.
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    Carry or Push trolley

    I had this conundrum, I’ve recently purchased a Motocaddy Aquaflex bag which is awesome. It’s a hybrid, a carry bag but will fit on a trolley really well. I find it a doddle to carry to the range and will carry for 9 holes and then use my trolley for 18 holes. Perfect bag for me 😊
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    Putter Fitting

    I went for a putter fitting this week at Precision Golf, found it a great experience. We began assessing and analysing my current putter and stroke. Which my fitter went into great explanation and even gave me a few points to try, which I really liked. I got to try a lot of different putter...
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    I bought today.....

    I’ve ordered a Ping Vault 2.0 Ketsch, I went and got fitted with the intention of buying the TaylorMade Spyder X however this worked better for me.
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    Putter fitting:

    Thank you, I’ve booked in at Precision Golf for this week. I really want to make sure I get the most help I can with a new purchase, and also think it will be really informative 👍
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    Putter fitting:

    After trying the new TaylorMade Spyder X this week I’ve decided I want to have a putter fitting. Any recommendations south of Oxford / Milton Keynes? I was looking at Precision Golf, anyone been? Ideally want to make sure they have TaylorMade, Ping and Scotty Cameron as these are the brands...
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    TaylorMade day at Woburn

    I’ll check them out, thanks. Also, did you guys find the Spyder X ball marker in the bag? It’s pretty cool
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    TaylorMade day at Woburn

    I can only reiterate everyone else’s comments, it was an exceptional day and superbly run by all involved. I personally enjoyed the short game area, I’ve never seen or experienced anything even close to those offerings. I was blown away with the putters, I loved the Spyder X putter which...
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    TaylorMade day at Woburn

    I’m also one of the others, pretty pumped and can’t wait! Although slightly nervous same as you guys, I do a lot of playing on my own. It will be interesting as I had a Ping fitting at Gainsborough last week and currently looking to upgrade my Driver and Woods. I’m excited to see how I...
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    I bought today.....

    I had a Ping fitting this week, not purchased yet but about to bite the bullet on; G410 Plus Driver, G410 3 & 7 Wood. I seem to struggle with my 4 Hybrid, fitter suggested the 7 wood and it was a breeze to hit and felt great 🙄