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    Rory’s “birdie blitz” and Masters hopes

    Ha Ha! Old expression about Yorkshiremen. "You can say what you like to a Yorkshireman........but you can't TELL him anything!!"
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    Rory’s “birdie blitz” and Masters hopes

    He's still quite young, I will allow him the odd outburst. Haven't seen him snapping his clubs......yet!! And as he's from Yorkshire, he will generally "tell it how it is"!!
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    Rory’s “birdie blitz” and Masters hopes

    You can't deny Rory's incredible talent. Sadly, I have no time for the man, and it's nothing to do with him being from Northern Ireland, I have many friends there. When I saw him snap his club t'other day, I was incensed. What an incredibly bad example he sets to youngsters coming into the...
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    Handicaps- "Equal" Chance or Winning, Regardless of Ability?

    Well, writing from the viewpoint of my club, I honestly don't know anyone who's handicap is not a fair reflection of their ability.I think the 0.1 plus a handicap committee has served us well over the years. And as for seniors, I am close to 70, and have just got down to my lowest ever handicap...
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    World Handicap System (WHS)

    If it is THAT easy, how come there's 62 pages of discussion on the subject? IMHO it is not that easy.
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    World Handicap System (WHS)

    Sixty One pages of WHS facts, theories, and disagreements.......and I'm still no wiser, and I don't think I'm alone. I'm only 20 years into golf, I started quite late in life, but I have NEVER found the present Congu system to be far out. I could explain the system of .1 upwards, and reductions...
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    WHS Handicap Index - Finally Revealed

    Sorry if this has already been raised......but did I read that each Club HAS to have a handicap committee for the WHS? Just saying, as our club has not had one for years, probably 5-6 years. Will that matter? As an aside, this whole WHS changeover is starting to look like a right mess. There...
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    Golf after Heart Attack

    They told me that it was likely to be genetic, as my father suffered a heart attack aged 62 in 1967. Sadly they didn't have stents in those days, so he never fully recovered.
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    Could you make six birdies for £20k?

    I've had three in four holes last year, but that was a red letter day.
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    Golf after Heart Attack

    Interesting. I had a heart attack whilst playing golf at Guadalhorce near Malaga in November 2018. Managed to get on the plane that night, feeling terrible, and got back to Bradford. Next day, I had one stent inserted at Bradford Royal Infirmary, where the attention i received was superb. I was...
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    Long lasting leather gloves

    Taylor Made gloves are the best and longest lasting that I have ever tried. Very satisfied, and wouldn't be purchasing anything else.......I bought a dozen to keep me going!!
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    The death of the snooker room

    I've seen a few snooker tables at clubs in my area of Yorkshire, over the years, but I DO believe they're all gone. I think Royal Lytham still have theirs. Interestingly, I have a full size table upstairs, and guess what, I never use it!! The grandchildren love it, but just roll balls up and...
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    At Last

    It sounds just like our 11th: 433 off the whites, with a ditch diagonally running across the fairway about 45 yards short of the green. I've played it for 17 years, and I've only had a handful of pars, but the other day I hit a particularly good drive, and decided to go for it with a five wood...
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    Should courses ban adizero

    I actually don't give a damn what my PP is wearing on their long as I'm beating them! Seriously, folk don't wear these trainer style shoes if they are no bloomin' use. I wear proper cleated golf shoes, and I don't think I will change in the immediate future. I have played some top...
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    Woodhall Spa - The Hotchkin

    Excellent summary of a typical round at Woodhall Spa. I've played it once a year for the last 16 years, and I LOVE it!!