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    Stats - fairways, GIR, up & down - what's good?

    I'm a 4 handicap, and I only track competition rounds, as when I usually play normally, I'm practicing something. FIR: 47% GIR: 37.11% - My known weakness is accuracy with irons, I miss a lot of greens where I can still use a putter. Up & Down - 61% - Again a lot of my 'up and downs' will...
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    Home driving range nets

    I recently bought a piece of mat similar to this Just so I had something to hit with whilst we’re stuck at home Mat makes the ball sit about 2-3 inches above ground level, and I cannot for the life of me stop heel striking. Will the mat be affecting my...
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    Home driving range nets

    Got myself a net and a piece of mat just to hit off. Anyone else who didn’t get a full mat, do you find you need to stand on anything to put yourself the same height as the ball?
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    Crossfield v Whoever

    I can't say Alex isn't a good fitter, 1. His videos do seem to get results, 2. I've never been fitted by him so I can't say. However, he comes across supremely arrogant in any video I've seen him in, like he knows completely better than the whole of the golfing industry - he doesn't, or he'd be...
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    how low can you get your handicap if...

    You'll be surprised just how much distance you can gain with bettering technique. My last lesson with my pro, we both swung the driver 105mph, I was around 0-1º up, he then hit a drive 6.8º up, 1-200RPM lower spin and gained 16 yards carry on me, JUST from that.
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    Titleist 695MB and Yes! Stephanie belly putter

    Do you have pictures of the faces on the Irons?
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    World Handicap System (WHS)

    I haven't seen it mentioned, it says Cat 1 players can enter cards daily, is there a limit on this like there currently is?
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    Anyone dislocated their shoulder?

    Just make sure you look after the muscles surrounding the shoulder, and maybe do some lightweight work after it's healed. I tore a rotator cuff and the pangs of pain have never gone away
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    Tiger - WDs from Northern Trust

    It's only an oblique strain, this is no big deal.
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    Self adjusting Query

    There is actually a specific paragraph in the CONGU manual stating you cannot submit a 4BBB supplementary card. I only know as I had the same question as you a while ago and read the manual to find out :D
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    Precision Pro are good ones, and they offer lifetime replacements on batteries. Their support is generally pretty good.
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    Tag Marshall

    I can see something like this being put it at our club. They've already sent out a warning email and asked people to submit their cards as soon as they're in, slow pace will get 3 warnings before they're told to play at the back of the field.
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    Set up of your course

    We are 6718 off the whites. The current major problem with our course, that should have been prevented, is the state of some of the grass around the greens. For some reason it is just dead, it was there in winter, and has died at the start of summer. This means more often than not, you're...
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    Accidentally playing from GUR.

    Thanks for the explanation. If the GUR wasn't a compulsory drop, they would hit out of GUR, drop provisional, are they then allowed to take relief from the GUR with the provisional ball, or must they play it from within the GUR?