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    Country Membership and 2nd Membership in the North West.

    Wallasey is 100 miles criteria
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    Company cars...again.

    If you cant get hybrid go petrol. I drive a BMW 318 estate 1.5 petrol and its a magic car. If most of your mileage is on motorways then I'd highly recommend this.
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    BLM protests/ Riots.

    What happens in Germany has nothing to do with us, I couldn't care less who they have statues of. As for Jimmy Saville, now you are just being stupid.
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    BLM protests/ Riots.

    I don't believe they should be removed period. They should serve as a memorial of things past and as a reminder of how we have evolved as a nation. I dread to think what will happen in Glasgow and Edinburgh if the PC brigade let their voices be over heard and the SG pander to them. Many streets...
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    Scottish Fitba' 19/20

    No idea but he's well known up here for playing for both Celtic and Rangers
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    County member

    For winter you'll need links, Leven normally do country membership. Scotscraig although not links is 12 months decent golf and they have (at least had) country member deals
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    Crazyface, I'm sorry you have been a target but generally you have to be careless to be so unlucky. Do yourself a favour and research some articles on how to keep yourself safe online, maybe even consider a paid for password manager like dashlane. Hopefully you get sorted
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    Par 5s, Start and Finish

    Magic course, really enjoyed it
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    DIY help - laminate floor scratch

    This is your answer
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    Par 5s, Start and Finish

    Give me a Par 5 start over a Par 3 start any day. My course starts with a long Par 3, start with a double and you are under pressure from the off.
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    To everyone in Scotland

    I know exactly how it works bud
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    To everyone in Scotland

    Lots of clubs in England play mainly stableford comps with only a handful of strokeplay medals. Many would suggest scoring in stableford is easier. The ref is very tongue in cheek but a bit degrading too IMO as I don't believe its easier personally. Lots of topics on here about it.
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    To everyone in Scotland

    8pm 9 holes 👌 Should be nice and cool by then
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    Silloth on Solway

    Oh, is the hangover the excuse for the caning me and Kaz gave you and Liverbirdie 🤣
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    Silloth on Solway

    Magic course, need to get back