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    Golf Random Irritations

    Except only 1 out of 3 of the above are available in 32/30 which I think was his problem.
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    Best/worst (golfing) Christmas presents?

    Every year I tell my wife and daughter not to get me anything as there is nothing I need or want and just see it as a waste of time and money. Every year they take no notice and get me loads of stuff that never really gets used so this year I asked for something that can be easily sold on eBay...
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    Is it acceptable to play golf on Christmas Day?

    I’d play if I could as I don’t particularly like Christmas, think it’s a total waste of money but I go along with it for the wife’s sake. I’ve been a member at 4 clubs though and they have all bee shut Xmas day.
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    175 million - what outrageously expensive golf item you're buying?

    Each to their own of course but that would be my worst nightmare. Don’t care how much money I had I would feel so out of place living and playing at Wentworth.
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    My iron game improved massively with a tweak

    Had a similar thing yesterday. 9 points on the front nine then realised I wasn’t turning my shoulders properly. 23 point on the harder back nine. Simple things but with big outcomes.
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    Not another sex discrimination thread

    Well you certainly wouldn’t be joining my club, Monday all morning seniors, Tuesday all morning ladies. Never heard of any complaints so far.
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    The value of lessons

    Couldn’t agree with you more there Backsticks. I’ve done all of the above at various stages, lessons of various pros, fitting, new clubs, different balls etc and I don’t think any of it has made me better at golf. None of it ever affected my handicap anyway.
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    Yes or No to yardage book/scorecard holders? and if yes share yours 📸

    I’m the same, I’ll do anything to get out of scoring these days when only one card is used. I can’t seem to get round 18 holes without making a mess of it, forgetting holes, putting scores in for wrong people etc. I messed up the other week and got the other two scores right eventually but...
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    WHS poll....

    Mine altered 3 times yesterday. 17.3 to 17.7 to 18.2.
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    Galvin Green jacket -- Fake or Real??

    I bought a galvin green jacket last year from eBay ,rrp was over £300 and I won it for £107. It was new with tags and I had exactly the same doubts as you. I will never know if it’s fake or real but it’s a lovely jacket and 100% waterproof so can’t ask for any more.
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    Trick or treat during the pandemic?

    We’ve got sweets ready in case they come, no idea wether anyone will or not.
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    Golf Random Irritations

    People that whisper to me on the tee box while someone is getting ready to play. I’m half deaf with 2 hearing aids so struggle to hear people talking normally at the best of times, no chance if they’re going to whisper.
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    Tips for growing a golf society

    The one I am in has 5 games in the summer usually starting at about 3pm on a weekday so people can come after work or only take a half day off and then we have a weekend away (Sunday / Monday) at the beginning and end of the year. Price for the golf always includes prizes, trophies etc.
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    How tight should macwet golf gloves be?

    Mine were always a little on the tight side and they split down the sides. Doesn’t stop me wearing them though and I’ve probably had them 4 years. It’s not like you put them on to keep dry. Couldn’t play in the rain without them now.