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    4 balls

    Not heard of cars socially distancing 😉
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    Lithium battery

    If you can get to a golf club and try your new battery on somebody else’s trolley, always plenty of motorcaddy trolleys coming past. Then try their battery on yours, you will find out if it’s the trolley or battery at least.
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    Do Golf Balls Have a Shelf Life?

    No wonder I don’t play well when it it rains, I thought it was just me not liking the water running down my neck.
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    Anybodys club accepting guests after reopening? Covid

    We are taking visitors, it’s supposed to be monitored by the office how many come but think they are desperate for the income. Booking sheet full so don’t know how many members are not getting a game.
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    Golf Club Cliché Characters

    Transformer man You put your name down to play with someone you haven’t met, introduce yourself and have a great game and good chat with each other. You go into the bar afterwards and your waiting for them to come in but you totally don’t recognise them with no hat, no jacket etc, have no idea...
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    Things I have never owned

    A dicky bow tie or any kind of frilly shirt.
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    When do you think you will next play golf?

    I haven’t worked out yet how having longer tee time intervals (say 15 minutes against 8 or 10) would help things. As long as you stay 8 minutes behind the group in front wouldn’t you be okay or am I missing something. Seen this written in various articles.
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    Missing Golf?

    Same here, I’m now finding my getting out of bed time is later and later with nothing to get up for.
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    Improvement with your home practice routine

    Like many others I have been hitting balls at home for something to do and a bit of exercise to stop the old muscles seizing up. My set up is hitting foam balls off the front door mat brought into the garage against a sheet hung in front of the garage door. What I’m beginning to wonder is am I...
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    Missing Golf?

    I'm definitely missing golf. I'm retired and weather dependent I would be out playing 4 times a week on average so now have nothing to do. Getting up later and later and making the dog walks last longer just to try and make the day shorter.
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    Missing Golf?

    Have you thought of squirrel counselling?
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    What about afterwards?

    I can't imagine this being over for a long time for me. Underlying health problems mean if I catch the virus I'll be dead so whatever I do I'd have to be mega careful if and when I am allowed out. At the moment I would be happy to drive to the club and spend hours on the open air grass driving...
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    Competition fees

    Our comp fees are taken automatically when you book the tee time. Likewise if you cancel before the day you are refunded automatically. It won't let you book if you don't have enough funds in the account.
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    How long has the car stood still?

    Don’t know, you could be right but it makes me feel better looking at shiny discs rather than rusty ones.
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    How long has the car stood still?

    Washed my car and gave it a good clean inside yesterday then standing looking at in the afternoon wondering what to do next thought I’ll take it round the block to get rid of the brake disc rust. Definitely was less than a quarter of a mile not even on a main road but I felt incredibly guilty...