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    What's your best score?

    34 at Pyongyang Golf Course. I had 5 aces, just one of those days when everything dropped, and finished 38 under par. There are plenty of witnesses too, just ask anyone at the North Korea state news agency.
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    Nomads to get official handicaps

    Tennis - the grand slam events give equal prize money to men and women. Are you saying this is discrimination? ;)
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    Random irritations of the day......

    I'm sure you've tried this... but that happens to me I just log out and log back in and all ok (y)
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    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    I noticed this was on again. Emotionally I'm probably not ready to watch it now, the interviews with the veterans really have an impact on me, I was in floods of tears watching the final episode. Really excellent series, the book is well worth reading too. The movie Saving Private Ryan was...
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    Non splitters

    In London, over £100 because of the clowns drinking things like grey goose + redbull. Back in my student days it would be strictly pints only and £15!
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    Nomads to get official handicaps

    Also... I think golf courses (clubs) need to understand their target market, and actually who are their target customers. Just like any business. There are plenty of successful courses where the balance goes in favour of nomads. A private members clubs might have 80% rounds by members and 20%...
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    Nomads to get official handicaps

    Don't you have this already - the county card scheme?
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    I bought today.....

    Did you get fitted for your mask?
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    Nomads to get official handicaps

    I needed to make a crucial addition to your post :ROFLMAO:
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    I watched Goldfinger the other night, ITV4 is showing all the Bond films (again). Obviously I had seen it before, but I had forgotten how many iconic Bond moments are contained in this film... - The girl covered in gold paint - Introducing the Aston Martin - Round of golf at Stoke Park - "Do...
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    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    I finished Tin Star Liverpool last night. Was a bit of an effort to get through the final series but I stuck with it. What a waste of time, the ending was rubbish. After a strong opening episode the whole third series descended into a farce. Tim Roth was playing a parody of the character he had...
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    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    I enjoyed it as well. It fell victim to #metoo after Ed Westwick was accused of sexual assault. It won't be coming back.
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    Who owns this!!!.............

    That's nuts, your club is destroying the integrity of the handicap system. It works the other way... this guy could be a decent player, submits a load of really high scores to get a massive handicap, then cleans up at all the competitions.
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    Forum meets 2021

    Sounds like a lap dancing club
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    Open Competitions 2021

    Hope you've checked the quality of the car parks at these venues ;)