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    Cooden Beach GC Friday 30th July 2021

    yes please Rob
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    All things BBQ and Braai

    not sure it’s “the” Padraig Harrington
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    Comedy moment at the range

    Hedge end golf centre just outside Southampton
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    Comedy moment at the range

    Yeah, been open for a few weeks I think. At first they had every alternate bay blocked out, but today each bay was open. The crazy golf course attached to it was open too
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    Comedy moment at the range

    Straight, he managed to keep it low out of the wind
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    Comedy moment at the range

    At the range today with the FIL and BIL, hitting the ball reasonably well but losing them to the right a bit. Wind was off the left and we were on the top level, but not convinced that was the main issue. Anyway, 2 lads come in having a pretty loud chat about how well they have been hitting it...
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    Golf Random Irritations

    Really struggling to stop leaving the club face open.
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    All things BBQ and Braai

    oooh a bit of “dirty” cooking, nice work!
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    Club championships , what's the score

    I can see both sides of this, but if the name is "Club Championship", then that should be inclusive of all the membership to decide the best player within the club. Have restrictions on handicap by all means, or a criteria on number of mid-week comps played but to decide the best player in the...
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    Golf Random Irritations

    Went to the range yesterday to work on some changes from a lesson last week, put myself right at the end of the range so had a bit of quiet and could focus. 10 minutes in and with the range pretty much empty, guy turns up with his 3 kids and goes in the 4 bays next to me. Their noise and...
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    Kane v Fleetwood?

    Not that recent, but when Kane was in the open zone with Nick Dougherty a couple of years ago (think it was 2018 after the World Cup), he said he only got to play once a month. Like you I would have thought footballers have time to play at least a couple of times a week, but I don’t know what...
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    Things That Gladden The Heart

    This little lady brightening up every day
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    Random irritations of the day......

    As a 34 year old, I have about 55% equity in my £350k home. Got a bit lucky making £50k in 3 years in previous house, but I wouldnt have ever rented as its just burning money. I really feel for those who arent in a position to purchase a property as paying high rental rates whilst saving for a...
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    Paul Foston golf

    Think Homer had a lesson with Paul Foston through a GM competition too. After not playing for ages, I just had a lesson with Mark Amey in his studio. I haven’t done much on a launch monitor, he had the full set up with the dots on my club too so we had a full analysis. The swing certainly felt...
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    Course suggestions Leicester area

    What are you recommending?