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    Quick poll... Hatton’s hoodie: yes or no?

    Watching it now, first time I’ve seen it. No issue with it but I wouldn’t wear one as I don’t see the point. The hood is just going to annoy me and I’ve got a hat and brolly if it starts raining.
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    Paying competition from members card

    We’ve been paying from our card from last year and like others have said it’s convenient. All winnings are paid onto the card as well and you can use it in the shop or in the bar. We can’t top up online which is a pain in the arse, have to top up at the bar or in the shop.
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    For all those with chipping demons.

    Not the double sided one though.
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    Few more questions

    You sound like a fun guy to play a round with. 😂
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    World Handicap System (WHS)

    Yes but I was under the impression that CSS will be used rather than course rating in the initial conversion. I know once it’s live it will always use course rating and any PCC on that day. e.g. One of my best scores in the last 20 is a 79 and the CSS that day was 72 but course rating is 71.1...
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    Robert Rock

    That kind of shout is usually reserved for 3 off the tee, couldn't believe he found it.
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    Carnoustie this morning

    My course is closed today, as it was yesterday as well. It doesn't take much water to close it though.
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    A jacket I can swing in

    Update on this jacket, took the dog for a 50 minute walk last night when it was chucking it down. Only had a t-shirt on underneath and it worked really well. Never got that cold feeling on the arms that you get sometimes when the rain hits the arms on a waterproof. Also, the Footjoy waterproof...
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    World Handicap System (WHS)

    I mean for the initial calculation when transferring over. I understand the PCC for when the system is live but I was under the impression that the CSS will be used in the initial calculation.
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    World Handicap System (WHS)

    I thought the initial algorithm for calculating your index was going to use the CSS so would it not be a case of ((nett double bogey - CSS) * (113 / slope)) to get your differential on that day? Then take the average of the 8 best from the last 20. Maybe I misunderstood the slide that I found...
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    A jacket I can swing in

    I bought the XXL and it's bigger than the Ping XXL I have, which means it fits better as the Ping one was a little tight in the shoulders and around the hips. In golf gear, I normally wear XXL Adidas and Nike t-shirts if that's any help. I did buy a Glenmuir XXL t-shirt from County Golf that's...
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    A jacket I can swing in

    Just bought this, got delivered yesterday, don't know what size you are as they only have XL and XXL left. Not played in it yet but it is stretchy and has some...
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    Slope ratings

    If you are in Scotland, don’t select it from the country drop down, change it to “(Select)” and it should work.
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    Few questions

    Depends on the course I would imagine. If it's a tight parklands course then it's easy to lose balls.
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    World Handicap System (WHS)

    Slightly more complicated than that as you need your last 20 qualifiers and you need to check your score for net double bogey as well. You also need the CSS for that day and the slope of the course. You then work out the differential for that day based on those and take the average of the 8...