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    Random irritations of the day......

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    What's your best score?

    85 off 20 handicap three weeks ago I am a golf god :giggle:
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    Who owns this!!!.............

    Is it a big deal though (it's not like I ever saw anyone measure the 6"/scorecard, to make sure they were inside the limit) I wouldn't trust any golfer (that identifies as male) to accurately gauge a 6" distance anyway :LOL:
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    Who owns this!!!.............

    off topic but am I right in recalling that these days there's now no requirement to mark the ball for LCP?
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    Films you have never seen

    Any film spawned from/or has its origin as, a video game
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    Start point for bag composition

    Don't want to take the thread off topic so I'll start a new one if folks prefer Crow, How much of an issue is having a large gap at the lofty end of the bag. What is the shot/s that's not available? I have a 10 degree gap from PW @ 45 to SW @ 55 and have been looking at getting a 50 for the...
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    TV Guilty Pleasures

    He also presents Come Dine With Me South Africa (they are often a bit more pernicity & forthright on there too)
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    Random irritations of the day......

    Just got the chance to watch the new All Creatures Great and Small Only made it through about 40 minutes of ep1 I wish they'd just shown the original series
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    Coronavirus - how is it/has it affected you?

    Unfortunately even sections of this forum don't believe/agree/care about the 4th & 5th & if that's representative of the UK as a whole then the outlook is still grim
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    Trump National stripped of 2022 US PGA

    I'll wager Justin Thomas is delighted with this news :sneaky:
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    new clubs for 2021

    Went into the shop over the weekend, they want £120 for the wedge... dream on. That'll be a 'no' to new clubs in 2021 then
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    Films you have never seen

    reservoir dogs
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    new clubs for 2021

    Maybe a 50 wedge but other than that the bag is perfect
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    Unpopular golfing opinions

    Some golfers seem ideally suited to playing golf as a single 🤔😉
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    No golf again!

    Stay safe guys, you need every break that's going (even if you don't think you do) I hope you get out of lockdown soon