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    I’ve got a sudden bout of knee tendinitis following some hard running over the last few months. First hurt it around 2 weeks ago and took a total break from all hard activity. Seemed to help and midweek I had a great lesson and range session, felt like a huge improvement in my swing. Knee...
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    What is the most you would spend on membership per year?

    Over here in Northern ireland my membership is around 450 for my age range (u30). Great value to be honest and cant complain. Course is kept in great condition and clubhouse etc is good too. Only gripes is the lack of a pro shop (the pro has recently left) and a practice range/net
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    I bought today.....

    I bought a 1 hour lesson finally. Decided i'm happy with equipment/clothes for the time being (waterproofs aside, which i'm hoping to get for my birthday next month) and to focus on lessons and improvement
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    Playing my first 18 holes tomorrow

    I wouldnt even bother counting scores. After i got familiar with hitting it on grass instead of the range, and actually having a target, i counted my scores and i was mid 120s. Eventually after a few months i got this to mid 90s. Then had a 4 year break from golf and i'm back to mid 110s!
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    1 hour v 30min lesson

    I've weighed up the options and went for a 1 hour lesson. It will essentially be rebuilding my swing and I reckon an hour to get the foundations then 30min top ups every couple of weeks would be the best way to go...hoping it helps as i'm stuck for what to do with my game right now
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    Banner Ads

    Having a huge banner ad take up most of my screen and parts of the website are unusable at the minute...not good
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    1 hour v 30min lesson

    Whats the verdict on this? Looking to get some refresher lessons booked in as my game since returning to golf after a 3 year hiatus is shocking. I feel like it'll be basically building my swing from scratch again. 30mins is 30 pounds and an hour is 45. Not sure what the best option to go for...
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    4th hole

    I have the exact same issue. Our 2nd hole is a fairly long par 5 with a fence/road around 130 yards from the tee box. Im terrible off the tee, and i regularly hit a 8/9/10 on this hole because my tee shot is awful. The fence/road is really off putting and its like a huge mental block for me...
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    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    Meant to be out this afternoon, pouring of rain this morning and more forecast for later so we cancelled. Typically brightening up now! My only consolation is that if the rain stays off it’ll be horrible underfoot as it’s been torrential rain here for a few days
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    Clothes for golf from non-golf retailers

    i'm on the hunt out for a decent set of waterproofs...everything golf branded is just far too expensive. Considering the decathlon inesis waterproof jacket and trousers
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    boring golf to break 100

    I know this, but its frustrating walking off wiht a 114 when i know so many of those shots were caused by my lack of thinking and could be a decent bit lower
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    boring golf to break 100

    Cheers folks. i usually have about 3 or 4 blowout holes (where 8/9/10s are scored) and that kills me everytime, its usually the two par 5s with the fence and then it could be any other hole where its my tee shot that fails me...i dont hit it OOB or lose the ball, i just duff it and by the time i...
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    boring golf to break 100

    Yeah its mainly just a mental block - i think the fence combined with the long par 5 makes me think ive got to rip it to get a decent score, but in doing that 90% of the time i end up making a mess of the tee shot and my focus should be on getting it over the fence - then try a 5 iron from there...
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    boring golf to break 100

    Hi all, Ive posted on here recently that my immediate aim is to break 100 (currently lowest at 108, last round was 114) and get my 37 handicap down to something a bit more respectable (29?). I played yesterday and even though i tried to be conservative I still had too many blow up holes and I...
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    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    that would be good. I’m actually not sure if it’s stableford, I think it is - I only worked out the points when I entered my score on how did I do. I made sure to putt out every hole with my highest unfortunately being a 10. Current massive handicap of 37!