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    The value of lessons

    Still got the overswing out of interest?
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    World Handicap System (WHS)

    WHS support have responded by saying it is up to the clubs to input the scores. Since there are quite a lot of players with incomplete records this is a lot of work for club officials to carry out. My question would be, why are the clubs having to sort it out? I can see all my q and nq comp...
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    World Handicap System (WHS)

    Up to your club to sort it out. WHS support are not interested and have passed the buck back to the clubs. Mine is a mess, scores missing and incorrect scores included as my counting scores. Quite a few others at my club in the same boat, our secretary predicted this mess months and to say he...
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    NFL 2020

    Chiefs with a point to prove with only loss to the Raiders. Mahomes is going to have a field day :ROFLMAO: Good to see Alex Smith playing again, understatement to say he's had a tough time since moving to Washington.
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    6th Green at Nairn

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    6th Green at Nairn

    And what is the members guest rate? ;) Don't usually take the clubs on our summer jollies up the west coast but may have to smuggle them into the car :ROFLMAO:
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    The demise of metal spikes

    You tend to fall on your arse walking downhill. Artificial turf paths walking down from some of our tees are lethal when the ground is frozen, metal spikes can save you a whole load of pain.
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    New Stuff

    Got a combo set of Srixon ZX 5/7 irons that have had one outing prior to lockdown 2. Lovely set of irons and the 4&5 iron in the ZX 5 blend in perfectly with the ZX 7 looks wise. May need to strengthen the 6 iron a touch as the 4 and 5 iron certainly travel through the air.
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    6th and 10th greens at Nairn amd new 7th tee.... from the air

    Nice flat calm day, not a whitecap to be seen (y)
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    Masters 2020

    Harsh critic if this is a bottlejob at this stage......
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    Masters 2020

    Of course not but there is a strong possibility of multiple holes in one due to the way the slope feeds to the hole.... Pitch in the right yardage on various lines and in she goes.
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    Masters 2020

    Back right bunker is downhill all the way to the flag and anything too strong is at the bottom of the hill. Not an easy 2 putt from the front of the green where the conservative tee shot ends. Par is a good score and the drama lies in players chasing birdies on this hole. Back left position...
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    Masters 2020

    That was the Sunday pin position from years ago before they decided to move it to a 'funnel' position to create a birdie fest. Back right is going to mean a lot a bogies and a very high risk shot to go at the flag. Thumbs up from me (y)
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    Masters 2020

    Anyone noticed that there are 4 English golfers at -7 just 2 off the lead? Not heard a single mention of that on here or am I following a different tournament?
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    BagBoy Nitron or Clicgear 4.0????

    I have a Clicgear 3 which is 8 or 9 years old. It has never had any maintenance done to it and performs perfectly. Never had a wash either :ROFLMAO: