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    Single length irons

    I think a lot of people whom hit their seven irons very well (me being included) automatically assume that this will translate over to the single length be it a 3 or a 9 iron. The fact is not everyone can, will or should.
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    Would you want to go for a pint with Matt Wallace?

    I'd have a beer with him.
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    Single length irons

    I was very intrigued by the one length, until I went for a fitting; The 9 and PW felt far too long to have any control and ballooned. The long irons had such a flat flight it didn't feel right. Glad I tried them, they just weren't for me.
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    4 iron, 6 iron - same carry!

    You mention that you don't like hybrids and 7/9/11 fairways are out, so you could try utility irons? Otherwise accept you don't have the power, speed, ditch 4/5 iron or get yourself down the gym and Bryson yourself up. Or try a lighter flex/graphite shaft in the 4/5
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    Quick poll... Hatton’s hoodie: yes or no?

    Golf is hardly full of fashionable people. I've personally seen some shockers in my time - anyone that has a royal and awesome pair of trousers or wears all orange.
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    Changing driver shaft adapter

    I'd do this as I'd probably cause a 10 megaton blast if I did it myself.
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    Ping letters what do they mean ?

    Touche' (y)
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    Golf Random Irritations

    Stabbing your finger on a tee/divot tool or the sharp bit of my ball cleaner in my pocket!
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    Feature help needed: Best golf apps for iPhone

    Another vote here for Hole19
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    How to reduce tension in my swing

    Breathe during your swing. Try to develop a natural rhythm in your swing.
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    Sometimes you've just got to laugh

    This escalated quickly.
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    Is golf becoming a victim of his own success ?

    The other question is the driving range over regular golf. Often at my local range there are people that just come to smash a bucket of balls and have no actual interest in playing golf. Could this just be people loving the stress release of hitting balls. We all have met those people whom state...
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    Few more questions

    You must be a right laugh at parties....:LOL:
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    Back Tee colours / Flag colours

    Still think tees should be off ability rather than gender. I've played with low hcp ladies/juniors that could play off the back tees, but also played with senior that struggle off the whites etc.
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    Taylormade p770 custom fit

    Been fitted for the p790's in early sept no sign of them yet, but I was told at fitting/ordering that it would be a while due to covid restricting production etc.