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    P790 and i500!!??

    But clubs with lower spin tend to flight higher so they come down on a steeper angle of descent to stop the ball? Like I get every club is different but surely the manufacturers test and design clubs to stop on a green if hit correctly depending on conditions. I think I tried those one length...
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    P790 and i500!!??

    All clubs are designed to spin and perform well. It's all down to personal preference and a decent fitting. For the average golf AG are good for people who want a try and a quick easy sale. But if you're serious and want to do certain things like flight it low or high or whatever then a proper...
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    P790 and i500!!??

    Seems like a load of cobblers. Spin rate does change from club to club but also from person to person and how you swing. Also can change spin rate by trying different shafts. Take what he said with a pinch of salt.
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    I bought today.....

    Just bought Prescription PRIZM Dark Golf.
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    Thought on new Garmin watch

    Looks lovely but very pricey. Looks like it does a hell of alot though.
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    Which GPS ?

    I'm waiting for american golf to open so i can try out the s62 looks good though.
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    Lofts and draw bias opposite for left handers???

    I'm left handed and have right handed adapter so yes the lofts are opposite but draw bias is still the same. If you have left handed adapter I believe there are markings on the adapter somewhere.
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    European Tour - UK Swing

    I'm going Celtic manor august 31st. Does this mean it will be in amazing shape? I can't wait.
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    Garmin golf, paired with garmin watch, love it!
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    I have now done something twice that I have not done in years

    Its basically like summer so i can wear my golf shoes like trainers so don't have to change :)
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    School me on golfing sunglasses

    Can you get these lenses with prescription?
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    I bought today.....

    Just bought: Also bought 2 addidas Tops
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    Has Game Golf finally died?

    Well looking at their tweets etc they have not been very active.
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    Has Game Golf finally died?

    Naughty as you can still buy products on their site!
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    When do you think you will next play golf?

    I'm book in for a round Sunday. Not at my home course though as they're hotel course and don't want to open till 1st of June :(