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    What is the most you would spend on membership per year?

    At the moment, £2-300 max. Don't get enough opportunity to play to make it worth it. When I had a previous job with different working pattern would have probably been about £800
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    I bought today.....

    I had the 5W in the bag for a while and liked that. Only took it out because I had too many options at the top end and was overthinking shots. Changed to a set up with a 4w instead
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    Prices Gone Mad??

    So I've recently replaced quite a few clubs in the bag after getting more of an idea of what I want after playing for 18 months or so. Irons - bought for £60 sold for £80 Driver - bought for £65 sold for £60 And previous driver I tried but didn't like - bought for £25 part exchanged for £75...
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    Best 2nd hand clubs for a high handicapper

    Don't know a great deal myself but I've got a mate who bought a set of these a few months back. He usually shoots mid 80's and absolutely loves them
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    Golf betting

    If I do (which is fairly rare) I usually wait until the end of the 2nd round and back a guy who's about 5th at the time
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    Best 2nd hand clubs for a high handicapper

    I've just bought the Cleveland launcher CBX version and love them
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    I bought today.....

    I got a Callaway XR speed 4 wood recently to match my driver and love it. Can't understand why they aren't more common
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    Should courses ban adizero

    If the Nike airmax are ok, then everything else from every other manufacturer has to be too surely
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    Do you make your own luck?

    In some ways it can seem that way. For example a really aggressive golfer could get 5 hole outs from fortunate bounces in a year, but could have 300 bounce into hazards, but a more conservative player could get 0 hole outs be seem less lucky by comparison.
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    Beginner irons suggestions....

    Benross HTX or HTX compressor irons could probably be found for under £200 on eBay too
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    Beginner irons suggestions....

    I bought a cheap £60 used Wilson set when I started about 18 months ago and just got some Cleveland CBX launcher brand new now that I know what I want a bit more. I got them at clubhouse golf for about £330 brand new if I remember rightly. There were a set of Srixon ones I tried that were £230...
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    I bought today.....

    The Odyssey triple track in the similar shape to a spider is the one that's tempting me at the minute And the Evnroll ER2, but that's always tempting haha
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    I bought today.....

    If it works, keep it in the bag
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    I bought today.....

    Tried one in a shop about 18 months ago and wanted one ever since. Just can't justify £300 on a club at my level
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    Toptracer Driving Range

    Tried it when the range first got it, was alright, but then they kept the prices the same but seemed to change to 40/80/120 from 50/100/150, and then they started charging for TT. Think it's about £5 per hour 'off peak' and more at peak. I don't bother now with TT now if I go to that range