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    My dumb questions about golf.

    Hi Jennifer, what area are you in? and how far would you be prepared to travel for lessons? I ask this as there are plenty of members located around the UK, it may be that they can give you a good recommendation for a teaching pro. If you're not in the UK, that may not be an option, but it's...
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    Any clubs closed ?

    Seems Brora has been saved by global good Will.... I'm glad about this as it is on my list to play when visiting the boy at Dornoch. It looked fabulous when we went to take a look.
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    Srixon z765

    My lad plays the Srixon 785's and he loves them. They are a good looking club too.
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    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    Watched the first episode at the weekend, can't say it really grabbed me. No laughs, just a Star Trek lookalikey, a bit meh really.
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    Non branded leather golf gloves

    Had a few odd its from them in the past, maybe wrong but I don't think they're related to John Letters
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    Full Custom Fit Recommendations

    My lad used Gavin at CustomLab in Hitchin. He was very good, although no range to hit on, all done on the big screen. Quite a few of the guys at the club have used him, pretty sure LiverpoolPhil has too, not heard anything bad. I've used Silvermere a number of times, I like to see where the...
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    Scottish Universities

    Totally agree. My lad has just finished his first year at the University of Highlands and Islands, he's paying 9K a year, plus 5K for accommodation. Some of the lads on the course and in residence with him are from abroad, getting the same education for considerably less.
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    Need My Wedge

    it is indeed, cheers Phil.(y)
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    Non branded leather golf gloves

    I tried them when Costco replaced the Callaway gloves with their own. Found the fit to be poor. Tried the same size I used in Callaway and Titleist, but they were quite baggy. Whilst I can’t get them at the old Costco price, went back to the Callaway Dawn Parol glove, still very good quality for...
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    I bought today.....

    The original ones were launched a couple of years back and were shelved long before they had a chance to reach the UK. The new ones that have made it, have been receiving decent reviews, so was keen to try them. Three piece balls are usually a decent option. It didn’t feel like a 3 piece though...
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    Need My Wedge

    went out to play Friday evening, second shot on the third, needed my 52 degree, only it wasn’t in the bag......😳 seems I have lost my wedge..... 😜. not the end of the world as I was planning on replacing them this year but another two weeks before AG opens.... so dug around in the garage...
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    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    finished all 4 seasons of The Last Kingdom. Despite a rocky start, based more on my opinion of the lead and some small things that affected my own OCD, came to really enjoy it. It’s not quite Game of Thrones, but if you like sword battles, it’s pretty epic. Battles and fights in almost every...
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    I bought today.....

    played with one for 3 holes yesterday, before throwing it away. awful ball, like hitting a stone. Very glad I didn’t buy 2 dozen😀
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    4 balls

    3 balls from Thursday with 10 minute gaps, max 3 rounds a week for now. 9 hole bookings after 6pm, if any availability on the day you can book in and play in addition to the 3 rounds.