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    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    Burnt through a couple of series his week: Safe House on Netflix, drama with Chris Ecclestone. Started off OK, but was a bit obvious, and some lazy script writing allowing too many schoolboy mistakes. Unfortunately, the story seems to continue into season 2, which was made in 2017 and is not...
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    Forum meets 2021

    We did "semi-all inclusive" (all food included, but drinks only included from 5-pm - Midnight) at El Rompido in Spain a couple of years back. Two decent courses (the South was best, playing out around the estuary), decent practice facilities, food was more than OK, drinks were good, Estrella on...
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    new clubs for 2021
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    new clubs for 2021

    I do quite like the look of the irons, will certainly test them up against the hoped for Mizuno 921's when I can eventually get a fitting sorted. I had Ping G15's a few years back, was actually playing my best golf ever with them. kind of regret changing them these days.
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    Putter refurbs recommendations

    Blingyourswing look pretty decent, see or
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    Coronavirus - how is it/has it affected you?

    One of the local news outlets, figures based on last seven days apparently. Yesterday's rate was down significantly to 143 new cases for the whole town.
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    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    Decided to veer away from Scandi noir for a moment, and head east. Started two interesting series on Netflix, Signal, a Korean detective drama about two detectives trying to solve a case 20 years apart, communicating by an old walkie talkie. Interesting premise, and decent start, an unusually...
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    Coronavirus - how is it/has it affected you?

    According to the same source, our area rate has now dropped by 40.2% over the last 7 days, to 533 per 100K, recording 52 cases in the last 7 days. Even though I still don't understand their maths, that's a bit of good news at least.
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    Golf grips

    Golf Pride multi compound midsize. Have tried others but always come back to these. Tend to change them every one to two years depending on wear. Usually buy the grips as cheap as I can, and change them out myself, or get wege junior to do them.
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    Best wet weather gloves

    I like the footjoy rain grip, they have always worked very well when wet. Like the fact that they now do a white/ grey version too as - dislike black gloves.
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    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    Finished White Gold tonight. Wasn't sure I'd stick with it after the first episode, but actually grew to like it, now hoping for a third season. I think the killer 80's soundtrack had a lot to do with it, but it's a decent comedy set in another world.
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    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    Darkness is very good. Started it yesterday, 3 episodes left.
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    2021 Professional Golf Thread

    I quite like watching this comp for the scenic location and seeing golf in the sunshine with blue skies in a gloomy January here. However, this particular comp always seems a bit boring to me, and I can never sit and watch it for more than 20 mins at a time.
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    Putting mat recommendations

    Was thinking of getting one of these myself. Reviewed in the mag recently and given the thumbs up but online reviews suggest delivery issues. I currently have one of these, was cheaper a few years back. It's good quality and decent speed, but the downside is a...
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    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    Just read this link listing a lot of good series renewed and appearing this year