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    World Handicap System (WHS)

    Apologies if it's been posted before. A couple of useful sites. To check your index, just enter your CDH number To find slope ratings for any course
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    PowaKaddy build quality.

    The glass on my FW7 has also cracked but as it is out of warranty I'm having to live with it. Also you cannot just buy a glass replacement. You have to buy the whole unit.
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    DIY q, screw removal.

    You can also consider a screw extractor tool. I've got a set but not yet had to use it.
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    Birmingham & Solihull - High Tier Areas

    Ours is one chair per table or 2 if you are from the same household/bubble.
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    World Handicap System (WHS)

    Will do thanks.
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    World Handicap System (WHS)

    Apologies if this has already been covered but as this is a long thread, it would take me long time to find the answer. I currently play off 22. I've been trough my last 20 competitions and selected the best eight. When the gross difference is averaged out it comes to 24.6 (I know I've been play...
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    Laughter - the best medicine

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    Left hander learning with right handed clubs - Any advice?

    This is a No No. Adult clubs, even cut down, are simply too heavy for young kids.
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    Product guarantee and Ebay sellers

    Ok thanks everyone. I just assumed that electronic stuff came with 1 year guarantee. I'll be careful when buying expensive stuff off Ebay in the future and will ask questions before I buy next. He/she was a private seller.
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    Product guarantee and Ebay sellers

    I bought a new mobile phone (Motog 8 plus) from ebay last November. The battery has stopped charging (sealed unit so cannot change the battery). I contacted the seller, thinking that I still have 3 moths guarantee left on the device but his reply was “I'm not a retailer or shop and as such I...
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    Driving Range / Practice Glove?

    I find, the problem with buying glove on line is the size. No 2 makes have the same standard on sizes. Size small in one model is size medium in another.
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    The great outdoors

    The countryside is just amazing. Some of it proper wild stuff where you have to watch out for bears. There are some walks that are sort of marked and you can see if you walk off track you'll get lost as the forests are vast. Also, you can ice skate on the same lakes in the winter. I just love...
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    The great outdoors

    Thanks for the post. It took me right back there. I've actually canoed in those very same lakes, although not camping, and it is a wonderful place.
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    Shops open

    Outside Nike shop in Regent stren, apparently
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    Bunker policy during COVID19 crisis

    Place withing 6 inches in comps otherwise they are GUR