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    the Distance Debate - should the authorities act

    Fascinating to read the different viewpoints expressed on this thread. To answer the original question " YES " the authorities should act and should have done so 5 years ago. The ball is by far the best way to achieve this. It would not disadvantage longer hitters because they would still hit...
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    The end of slow play??

    Re foursomes Its a shame that its not played and appreciated more ( good game, very sociable, very quick) but I guess it was more appreciated more when lunch was an important part of your experience and that drink driving wasn't an issue ! It relies on their only being two ball games on the...
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    The end of slow play??

    Most courses aren't too long , its only the newer ones. Course set up / rough where balls can be found easily. To help speed of play 1) Rough to be managed, ideal is that it hampers shot but ball is found relatively quickly 2) Ready golf 3) If you hit your ball in the rough, other players...
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    Canterbury golf club article

    Interesting article. The following quote is spot on and is relevant to a lot of comments on this forum , particularly the one about golf being in decline :- "Over the next decade the strong will get stronger and the weak will simply disappear. Clubs like Canterbury have made a real effort to...
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    Augusta - how much would you pay?

    I know a good golfer who has played two rounds at Augusta. They were completely underwhelmed. No galleries = pretty open , no azaleas out = looks different , massive changes in elevation ( hard to play) and greens which were not Masters speed ( therefore whole game is different)...
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    closed golf club

    Unfortunately , its a no brainer. Just cannot do. The rules are for everyone... and although you could probably navigate a safe path... others wouldn't. To be fair to Johnson, he / government tried to give everyone the chance to do it properly... it became apparent that you have to work to the...
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    Lack of golf on terrestrial TV - Golf Monthly Feature

    This is a no brainer. Narrow the audience ( by a massive amount) and shrink the game. Well done R&A . Its a long term thing , not easily measureable. The game may have got smaller anyway ( competing interests , modern lifestyle etc ) but lowering its presence on the media will make it smaller.
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    Best courses in Hereford?

    Ross on Wye .
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    Golf Trip Away - Suggestions

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    Trouble at t'mill

    Hmmmm, everything that is wrong with golf clubs and committees and honorary positions. If you had a rule and it was explained to him , he shouldn't be throwing his toys out of the pram - sure he can have a sensible discussion. And he shouldn't be throwing his weight around by playing the...
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    Rough that’s too rough

    Overlong/overthick rough should be an absolute no no for members clubs. It is probably the biggest reason for slow play and slow play is one of the biggest issues facing golf. Noone enjoys spending time looking for lost balls and even less losing a ball from a shot which wasn't really that bad...
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    Irons for links golf

    If you played golf mostly at links courses , are some irons better than others ? I suppose its not just as simple as having a slightly lower launching one ? What about the soles … .. does that make a difference ( are wide soles harder to use at all due to tight lies ?) and what about spin...
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    Golf clubs in trouble?

    Credit crunch, recession, number of golfers/club membership declining.. I guess we've all heard these comments but how many clubs have gone into administration? how much of the gossip is actually true ? Isnt it just the case that some clubs will just spend less money and accept a more basic...