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    Stableford Adjustment question

    I understand now. I only get 1 cut for my 8 because net score is 7 and 6, not 8 and 7. Thanks. I am a clod.
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    Stableford Adjustment question

    The 8 was at SI 2 and the 7 was at SI 1. Both par 4s that I get a shot at.
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    Stableford Adjustment question

    I am probably missing something really obvious, but I do not understand my handicap adjustment this weekend. I shot 82_10_72. The CSS was 72. I had a quadruple bogey 8 and a triple bogey 7. In my mind the Stableford Adjustment would take 2 off for my 8 and one off for my 7, giving me an adjusted...
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    Prem Prediction League 2019/20

    Round 30 Day Date Time Fixture Prediction Weds 17-Jun 18:00 Aston Villa 0v0 Sheff Utd Weds 17-Jun 20:15 Man City 2v0 Arsenal Fri 19-Jun 18:00 Norwich 0v0 Southampton Fri 19-Jun 20:15 Tottenham 0v2 Man Utd...
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    So what are you listening to at the moment?

    Mid year report. 5 2020 albums, all instant classics: Pass The Bolt Cutters by Fiona Apple Good Souls Better Angels by Lucinda Williams Four Against Fate by Nightingales Blues With Friends by Dion The Pandemic Songs by Hamell On Trial
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    Shooting your age

    Great achievement. I haven't even done it in a Texas Scramble. ;)
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    Bunker policy during COVID19 crisis

    That is ok for social golf, but for qualifiers it has to be one of the 3 options in original post.
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    Bunker policy during COVID19 crisis

    Can I ask how your club is dealing with no rakes on the course during this crisis? There are 3 choices. 1. Play them as the ball lies 2. 6" relief inside bunker 3. Bunkers out of play and free drop behind. We have selected play as it lies (as suggested by the R&A and Wales Golf) but we are...
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    Alternative methods of scoring comps under COVID19 conditions

    I would suggest emailing a scan of the card or sending an excel SS of the scores That is exactly what the TeamApp does.
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    Alternative methods of scoring comps under COVID19 conditions

    Answering some of the above posts - Rightly or wrongly, Wales Golf instruct no cards to be used, and do not specify any timescale. The quote from their document is 'If competitive stroke play is played, a method of scoring needs to be used that does not require any handling or exchanging of...
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    Alternative methods of scoring comps under COVID19 conditions

    We don't have IG. We have ClubV1. They don't have player score input yet.
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    Alternative methods of scoring comps under COVID19 conditions

    In Wales, as of Monday 1st June, we can start playing 2 balls, and 3 balls from 2 households. We will be looking at starting comps the week after, probably. One of the Wales Golf guidelines is that no physical cards can be entered. Does anyone here have any good ideas how we can efficiently run...
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    Tee time booking and restrictions on how many times a week you can book

    We moved the casual golf booking time down from 14 days to 2 days to retain a modicum of control. We are requesting members play no more than 3 times per week. I cant find a facility on BRS to limit an individual's weekly bookings, but you can run a report at the end of the week flagging up...
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    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    We started watching The Blacklist at the beginning of lockdown. It is pretty preposterous, and normally I would have lasted about 4 or 5 episodes. At this moment we are half way through series 4, so that is around 78 episodes. o_O
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    I played for the first time today in 50+ days and …...

    Living in Wales, this was the first day of play for us. My wife and I played 18 holes, and it was fantastic. Didn't think of coronavirus or any other bollocks for the whole round. I scored 28 points and my better half scored 32! The greens were very difficult. The grass was pretty long, but...