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    Pat Perez Flying PXG Head

    This thread is just classic internet. My big question is why some people build up such commitment/love for certain brands? Rightly or wrongly, this is a negative for PXG and I'm surprised that anyone can argue against that part. It's like seeing road accident footage where a BMW just...
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    Iron swing question

    It's all feel based isn't it, and so really down to each person's interpretation. I find it easier trying to hit a club hard as then I have to commit - swinging 'easier' tends to put me in two minds. Try out what Tyrion has suggested and see how your get on (y)
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    Crossfield again

    So why not ignore them then or just say that he was declining to comment? And I think he lost it and looks very childish on the video. I'm not silly enough to pretend that we don't all lose our rag from time to time, and as a result probably behave in ways that do not sound or look good. But...
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    Crossfield again

    He talked over them again and again. One of them talked over him once and he lost it, genuinely looking and sounding like a toddler. I think most adults aren't so childish, but the weirdest bit by far was that he recorded it all, edited it, and thought that what he released put him in a good...
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    Matchplay is great

    Matchplay is by far my favourite format of golf. Quick, straightforward and fun.
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    Crossfield again

    By the way, the journalists weren't saints. I was just surprised that Crossfield filmed himself, watched it back and thought that sharing the video would be a good thing...
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    How far do you live from your home course

    Lovely part of the world (y)
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    Crossfield again

    He is slowly becoming more and more up himself though I reckon.
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    Crossfield again

    I didn't know about these Daily Mail phone calls, so I just watched the video. Now we all know what the Mail are like but Crossfield doesn't come across well. He constantly interrupted and spoke over the two ladies he was speaking to, and then lost it at one point when he was interrupted...
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    GM - Adidas golf opprtunity!

    Great thanks (y) How are you getting on with yours?
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    GM - Adidas golf opprtunity!

    Hahaha, West Hill even :D I've been watching too much of the British Masters ;)
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    GM - Adidas golf opprtunity!

    I'm late to the party here but just to add: It was a really great day - many thanks to Adidas, Golf Monthly, Hillside, and also Simon, Ade, Dave and Joss for their company (y) I was really sceptical about how much 'technology' can really go into a golf shoe and make it better, but Adidas...
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    Walking is an integral part of the (pro) game

    I'm not a fan of this in the pro game, and I hope it isn't the beginning of *cliche alert* a slippery slope.
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    Forum exclusive... sneak peek and competition

    Old Course Basil Fawlty Ainsley Harriott Les Dennis
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    Cleveland Huntington Beach Putters

    I love the look on them but compared to the more premium brands that do that sort of thing, eg Scotty, Bettinardi, etc, I found that the Cleveland ones were rock hard as opposed to 'soft'.