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    Word Association - take 3

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    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    The 80's with Dominic Sandbrook on BBC4. Nostalgic throwback
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    Coronavirus - how is it/has it affected you?

    Not going to be visiting anyone. The most I will do will be to go to the club and play golf on Boxing Day
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    Perks of a membership?

    A current H/C A course that is playable all year (granted last year was exceptionally wet and we were shut/reduced but taking that as an exception) A course that presents a challenge every time and is maintained Organised comps Team golf The social scene. A ready available pro and well stocked...
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    Stand aside Bryson.... all hail Wilco

    I think there will be a time when bifurcation in golf is inevitable and there will be pro gear and mortals gear. I would suggest they'd reduce how far drivers go (maybe a maximum length shafts at round 45 degrees) and then introduce a shorter flying ball. I've no problem with it in the pro game...
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    How far do you travel...........

    About 20 minutes from home (maybe 15 first thing with no traffic). I commute in the summer from Reading to Ascot (about 30 minutes) and a £5 cab ride around to the course.
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    Pete Finch's latest video - Bearwood Lakes

    There's been a bit of footage from Bearwood Lakes. Think Dan Hendrikson has some on his channel so assuming they were all down on some corporate affair
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    £2,000,000 or prison

    I have never had one in 40+ years so I have my doubts. Obviously the more balls per day the more fatigue will take hold and so the quality of the shots is likely to drop off. I reckon 300 balls in 3 x 100 batches is about as much as I could manage with a decent break in between. It would also...
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    Is this a permissible form of practice during lockdown?

    Simple take from me is if its closed it can't be used. Wedge shots will clearly cause divots and probably divots from striking the shot. For me that damage alone wouldn't be viable as someone needs to repair it and if more than one person decides to hit balls it won't take long to remove a large...
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    Where's your opening tee shot going?

    Wuss. Man up and make your one point like the rest of us. Off the yellows it's probably a 6 iron or a 5 hybrid if the flag is at the back. In which case the hybrid is going left into left hand bunker, splash out, (well fat it out) and three putt
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    Premier League 2020/21 Season

    And you couldn't keep your end of the bargain and win (or at the very least draw). Got to put up with a over happy female Burnley fan all day tomorrow unless I fire her
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    Where's your opening tee shot going?

    Par 3 of around 220 yards off the whites. I'm going 170 and right and blocked by the trees over there. Magic recovery and the obligatory 3 stab
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    Random irritations of the day......

    So sorry.
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    Random irritations of the day......

    Can't do that. HID would be more than annoyed and the garage would be a tad nippy to sleep in and as in-laws go I could have done worse
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    Random irritations of the day......

    Thanks for that. Had no idea at the time what we paid. More concerned with getting enough, getting the affairs sorted and the cremation organised