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    Xbox One data storage query

    Depends on how security was set up with regards to logging in and purchases. Xbox encourages you to automate logins which might make it easier to access an account If it were just popped into another XBox.
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    Competition time

    Rolling Stoned Rash Fickleback Blandie
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    What if Bunker Rakes were banned indefinitely?

    Mini rakes are compulsory at our place until restriction are lifted. Already had plenty of use out of mine.
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    I played for the first time today in 50+ days and …...

    Golf ball lifters in the holes and a mini rake in my bag, the new normal for golf began. Driving came back pretty quick and putting was as abysmal as when I last played. Course looking pretty good although the rough was brutal. Ready to go again on Thursday.
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    I bought today.....

    One of those funny little rake heads that goes on the handle of your club. Doing my bit for my course.
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    Your Course

    18 holes twice a week.👍 Booked in for Saturday.
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    Touch wood the one that decided to set up home under the decking has gone. He discovered the compost bin and was regularly feasting on the worms.
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    Considering the current 2m social distancing, how many players to a Tee when we restart?

    Number of players in a group shouldn’t be a issue. For me it’s our club introducing tee booking and policing it along with access to practice facilities. The place on the course I encounter most golfers is the practice green.
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    PGA Tour 2K21

    Been playing the TGC 19 for a couple of weeks which is fine as a game (and it was free). Initially, the lack of real courses and golfers bothered me but in reality the real courses are boring on a computer game, and really does it matter what name it says on a fictional leaderboard? Going to...
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    Word Association - take 3

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    Re-worked Songs

    Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm Word Up - Gun Jealous Guy - Roxy Music Kiss - Tom Jones & Art of Noise Not strictly a cover as it’s still Elvis by a prefer the remix of a Little Less Conversation in the early 2000’s
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    Random irritations of the day......

    Google Accounts Youngest needed an account to access Google Classrooms. Tried to sign him up with his email address, no joy just throws out a something has gone wrong message. Issue you have to be 13 to use another a non gmail address, why not just tell me that in the error message. GMail...
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    Where do I know her/him from?

    Alice Krige? Star Trek 1st contact
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    Simple Question Regarding Cancelled Golf Break

    LA with Virgin Atlantic
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    Simple Question Regarding Cancelled Golf Break

    It’s sitting with the travel agents and ABTA at the moment I feel once the flights are actually cancelled we are in stronger position. Due to fly out Sunday so feeling nervous as we’re in about 16k on this holiday.