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    New Mizuno MP20

    I love the copper finish. I believe they are also going to do this with a game improvement iron. If they do, I will be sorely tempted. However I will not be pulling the trigger just yet as I'd want to see how it holds up - if it rubs off or if the copper is a proper layer of metal, as opposed...
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    Who's Going To Win The Open?

    I've got Pepperell at 120/1 G.Mac at 110/1 - which I think I got done on in terms of odds and might put another few quid if I see a much higher price. both E/W (top 10) A wee sentimental £3 on Westy at 240 I also fancy Rose and Molinari and think they are good value, being just behind the top...
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    Scotland and drugs

    Clearly this has reached the point of being a crisis. Don't really see the point in arguing over the figures - whether other countries are under reporting or Scotland is over reporting - there's no denying it is a bad problem and one that shouldn't be ignored. However, why it is a lot worse...
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    148th Open Championship

    Yeh - I really don't buy that Rickie Elliot is going to give Brooks a huge advantage. Similarly sceptical that the likes of McDowell, McIlroy & Clarke will have a big advantage due to local knowledge. Ultimately these guys are used to playing new courses every month or so and they are quite...
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    148th Open Championship

    Buzzing for this. Think it will be a great tournament and will be firmly n the rota now every 10 to 12 years. Really looking forward to getting a decent look at the course on Thursday - which seems to be getting hype to the level that it must be amazing. Not overly fussed who wins it...
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    First round since returning to golf

    I'd say don't have any expectations and concentrate on trying to make good contact with the ball, rather than where it's going or what your score is.
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    Tag Marshall

    Fair enough, but the problem is you could spend 3 minutes looking for a ball at every hole. Would be harsh to penalise people in these circumstances. However at least if you build a bank of information up and try to genuinely encourage someone who is always in the plus 4 hour groups to speed...
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    Win or hole in one?!!

    Fair enough - but there's 2 holes at my club - a mid iron and a wedge that I will give myself loads of chances at every year. Obviously it still might never happen, but I don't worry about it. Was very close last month where it had a great look and must have been 2 inches from the hole at one...
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    Win or hole in one?!!

    Agree. I've never had a hole in 1 - but I'm sure I will at some point. But ultimately it is one good shot - and there's plenty of people who had a hole in one with a poor shot & lucky bounce. I personally would be very disappointed to get a hole in 1 like that . Playing good shots under...
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    Blades vs Cavity Back irons - some questions...

    Here's my theory about blades v cavity back irons. Cavity back irons are primarily designed to help people launch the ball higher into the air to get optimum ball flight and distance for an 'low to average' swing speed. Someone with a fast swing speed would put cavity back irons into orbit...
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    The Renaissance Club

    Fair enough - East Lothian does make sense for a lot of reasons. And £190 is on a par with championship venues. As far as I understand, the Renaissance offer is a 'one time experience' allowing non-members only one chance to play it - I assume at far more than £190. After that you could only...
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    The Renaissance Club

    agree - no harm to the guys who built the course as their private Scottish links, but don't really get the strategy to promote Scotland or Scottish golf by having consecutive Scottish Opens at a course that most won't be able to play or certainly won't want to spend that kind of money to play...
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    Low Handicap v Chance to Win Things

    That's a good point. At our place, if there's a bit of weather about for an internal comp - then anything under par has a chance of winning so you could still win something and maybe only get cut a few tenths of a shot.
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    9 hole qualifiers - Is getting cut easier?

    I'd say for higher handicappers it will probably be more of a chance of getting cut as they don't need to keep concentration for as long. For lower guys, who are hoping to make 1 or 2 birdies a round to make up for a few bogeys - they would probably prefer 18 holers as it also gives them a...
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    Low Handicap v Chance to Win Things

    I'm not so much suggesting I would keep my handicap high to win things, but there's the possibility of getting cut by winning things OR getting cut by playing supplementaries (which is more likely to yield the result of getting cut)