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    I bought today.....

    Great offer !! Seriously tempted even though im absolutely skint at the minute ! :ROFLMAO: Whats the 10% code ? (Just incase)
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    Win or Handicap cut

    I love the win! The main aim is to get the handicap down but its an awesome feeling getting the win! Especially when its a big tournament
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    Thorbjorn Olesen - Arrested

    Wow. He's had a nightmare there
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    Erik Anders Lang

    Again, Great videos !! Renaissance looks absolutely brutal. Can only imagine what i'd shoot round there !
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    Low Handicap v Chance to Win Things

    I feel similar. I play with a large group of old retired boys, of which i can hit my 5 iron their driver distance. Quite often i get the handicap comment but remind them i play weekly with them and in the same competitions ! I managed to win the Rabbits championship (16+ Handicap) last week and...
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    European Tour Social Media Pranks

    Hats off to their social media team. Really trying this year and i'm a big fan!
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    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    It was yesterday now, but was the club championships. Im a 19 handicap so was in the "Rabbits Championship". Played reasonable, missed a few 4-6ft straight putts on the front but knew I was on or around handicap. Decided not to count my score up as i tend to overthink. Back 9, similar story...
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    I bought today.....

    WOW :love:
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    Just After A Friendly Round.

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    Golf memorobilia/ collectors

    Back to this.... I've been looking at ball markers and pitch mark repairers "Divot tools". Particularly keen on Scotty Cameron and Tyson Lamb items. Also going to pick up a flag or two for the wardrobe. Happily i've just picked up my first 2 Scotty Cameron tools this week! Ideal small items to...
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    Rory hits spectator on the jaw.

    Poor from Rory
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    Nike Clothing ** Price Drops

    Thats the Therma Core mate. Sold now though. Sorry!
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    I bought today.....

    :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Typically it goes 20-30yards up. Putting is not a strong point at the minute
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    I bought today.....

    Scotty Cameron pitch mark repairer ! (y)