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    Hole in one poll

    2, 35 years apart. Both with a 4 iron. Witnessed 5 different fellow competitors get one in the last 6 years.
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    No golf again!

    Not worried given the weather and the circumstances. However, it's a bit ironic that my golf club leases a quarter of the council owned park where I'll do my exercise. And as it will be the least populated bit, that's where I shall walk. Without my clubs of course.
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    Unpopular golfing opinions

    Skittles and pool. Pub games ☺
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    Unpopular golfing opinions

    Golf is not a team sport. Ergo the Ryder Cup is of no interest whatsoever. Furthermore, it is contrived because in no other sport are players selected to represent a continent.
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    WHS & ISV Issues (Please post only if you are a handicap secretary or involved in admin at your club)

    Found it interesting, the more information is made available the better. It's becoming abundantly clear that there is a lot still to be done. Not great given how long WHS has been in the pipeline. Their example of calculating playing handicaps also seemed to be incorrect as it took 95% of the...
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    Improvements that are blindingly obvious

    We have a two tee start off the 1st and 10th from 8.00 to 9.50, then course reserved for a couple of hours for the second 9. After 12.10 both tees are available again for as many holes as you can get in. A few people have moaned because they 'always start at 11.00', but by and large it's working...
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    Notts Golf Club to go

    I've lived in the county all my life and the club has always been Notts when we've played against them in matches (rarely in recent years). The course has always been Hollinwell. The reason is doubtless historic. When the club was formed in the 19th century, playing firstly near Trent Bridge...
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    WHS & ISV Issues (Please post only if you are a handicap secretary or involved in admin at your club)

    Still no way of amending handicaps for two tee competitions on ClubV1, as far as I can see. Perhaps I am wrong though.
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    Is it acceptable to play golf on Christmas Day?

    I don't celebrate Christmas and see no reason why people can't play if the course is accessible. Clearly the Clubhouse facilities have to be closed. We are part of a park which is open to the public 365 days a year. There are always a few people playing on December 25th, most of them...
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    WHS & ISV Issues (Please post only if you are a handicap secretary or involved in admin at your club)

    Me neither. Hope it's done in the next day or so. We have a Christmas 4ball competition on Sunday with 2 tees being used.
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    Peter Allis RIP

    Even in the days before golf achieved more popularity, you didn't win 20 professional tournaments and play on 8 Ryder Cup teams without being half decent. And then he spent half a century enlightening people about the game he loved. Not just the technical bits, but the sheer joy and fun of it...
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    Will you have the Covid Vaccine

    Yes, as and when it is available. I keep getting messages because apparently I am 'clinically extremely vulnerable' due to immunosuppression. I can't say that I have been shielding, or indeed doing anything other than the usual social distancing and washing hands etc. But it would seem rather...
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    WHS scoring

    We had about 120 members playing a full round on our first day post lockdown. None of them chose to pre-register for a General Play score.
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    World Handicap System (WHS)

    The card has to show the Course Handicap. It can show Index and Playing Handicap but they are not obligatory.
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    The sporting world is rife with cheats, and football probably has more than its fair share. Of all the 'cheats', Diego Maradona was perhaps the one who least needed to, because his sublime talent would defeat teams far superior to that England outfit without resorting to anything underhand.