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    TRUMP, What the hell is going on

    Being a 'popular' politician in a democratic system seems a good basic starting point 👍
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    Tag Marshall

    I agree and could see arguments starting. Just timing a group is a very blunt instrument. Is a group automatically 'guilty' of slow play if their time is above average and so is there a right of reply? There's numerous reasons why of a particular day a group's time may be higher. E.g. Take...
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    Training - where do you?

    This month's GM dropped through the letterbox and so, as usual, I was reading the various game improvement articles/advice. In particular, the putting practice suggested laying about a dozen balls spread around the selected practice 'hole' at various distances - made me think where could I...
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    Trouble at t'mill

    You right ((pompous, dark ages stuff) - don't stoop to their level and resign; stay on the committee and stick up for what's right = that's what you're there for.
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    TRUMP, What the hell is going on

    Yup. Not long ago the British Diplomats were well known for their mastery of the ability to use non-offensive language to be extremely insulting; Darroch clearly missed that bit of the training.
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    TRUMP, What the hell is going on

    The ambassador's comments were 'off piste' now he's pi***d off before being pushed.
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    Jeremy Corbyn

    This Genie just wont go back in the bottle!
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    TRUMP, What the hell is going on

    Why stick two fingers up at Trump? Does it make you feel good. He is the USA's elected head.
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    TRUMP, What the hell is going on

    Exactly - he should have raised its security classification. But since the 'briefing' held no sensitive data, decision relevant or time dependent information on stuff Trump was doing: the guy was just sounding off and all he has shown is his own poor judgement in the process.
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    The next PM.

    I said what I wanted to say thanks; your correction is surplus and unwanted. Hunt is trying to defend the indefensible. The ambassador did not accomplish any purpose in his foolish briefing and managed to risk the UK's reputation in diplomatic circles and by associating himself in a...
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    TRUMP, What the hell is going on

    No he didn't confirm anything other than prove his poor judgement derived of his own self importance. This was not using his unique position of access to provide otherwise unknown and time relevant material. His remarks were little more than tittle tattle. You really cannot defend such a waste...
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    The next PM.

    Hunt says he'd keep the ambassador in the USA, even after the guy used stupid language which he was daft enough to put in writing. Just because Trump is daft there's no need for our diplomats to act the same.
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    TRUMP, What the hell is going on

    No his problem was using stupid language! It was not an informative or perceptive briefing as he simply repeated stuff anyone could read in the press
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    Cheating on the course

    Clearly the chairman jumped the gun and shot himself and the club. The 'cheating' is merely a claim by one person. The public pursuit of the possible cheater was a really silly move. It almost ensures that the person must come back hard as it is the only choice left to him/her and their playing...
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    Car remote fob

    You may find holding down combinations do smart things not in the driver's handbook - have fun !!