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    Brexit - or Article 50: the Phoenix!

    I love the thoughtful anti EU bill boards that advises leave types to boycott the EU elections and not to vote for the 'unelected bureaucrats' :unsure: I sense the hand of Nigel.
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    A hole in one

    Yup...…....ball two feet away.....fabulous shot Ball in the hole...……….jammy sod.:love:
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    What does Tiger's win say about golf?

    Tiger played within himself, something he should have done much earlier in his career. He used good strategy [club selection,ball placement] and made very few mistakes. If club golfers adapted to his style they would knock many shots off their scores.
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    Jeremy Corbyn

    So guy's, now that you have had a sad little shot at deflection, what DO you think of the recent polls. Is it just too awkward a question to give a reply to, 6% Labour lead in one of them. Answers on a postcard perhaps.;)
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    Scottish Prem 18/19

    Hearts have some decent players who had a great start to the season [5 point lead at one stage] The team was decimated by injuries to its best players. Now that they are nearly all fit they seem to be playing like a bunch of strangers. :( Not really hopeful of a win but as they say, every dog...
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    Jeremy Corbyn

    Mind you Miss Marples they do have British and Scottish polls.:love:
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    Jeremy Corbyn

    Should have put rUK humble apology Mind you a Spanish guy on here might disagree.:love:
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    Jeremy Corbyn

    Looking at the latest political polls in UK and Scotland shows a bit of a shift now that Farage has introduced another right wing political party. Labour with a 4 point lead over the Tories. Tory vote broken up between it's different factions. SNP set to win back the seats they lost to the...
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    What do you wish you could do?

    Go part time or get an enjoyable no brainer p/t job....…….worked for me. Did not touch the pension pot, kept me out of the wife's way [mind you she was working part time] and prepared me/us for full retirement
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    Brexit - or Article 50: the Phoenix!

    Superb clip. I see Nigel's little helpers are now blockading Lidl supermarkets. Someone said they were chanting 'What do we want...… shortages...…..'when do we want it'......….NOW. I find that hard to believe.:love:
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    Brexit - or Article 50: the Phoenix!

    Breaking news from some obscure corner of Spain. British political party becomes a county council. :unsure:
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    Things That Gladden The Heart

    Took two of the grandkids up into the hills above Loch Doon today for the first time, they loved it. We saw the ospreys and a couple of red kites at the end of the walk. Fabulous spell of weather here ATM, looks like another 10 days of sunshine in store.
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    Carpet Fitting

    I would be concerned about the damage to the edges of the carpet once it is re-fitted. Hall and stairs always wear out quicker that the rest of the rooms. Difficult one......….I would probably ask for a bit of cash back for their mess up say 10 to 15% of total bill. I certainly would not settle...
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    Brexit - or Article 50: the Phoenix!

    That is exactly what this country could do with, a 5th right wing English party.;)
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    WikiLeaks - Julien Assange

    For balance Journalist reports USA armed forces atrocities cover up...…..... could be another way of looking at it.