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    Handicap cut ?

    Thank you very much for explaining that, it all makes sense now.
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    Handicap cut ?

    Hi, last week I took part in our mid-week comp, stableford off the yellows. I played the game of my life, I'm off 21 (20.9) and I scored 48pts, so I knew I was in for a cut but didn't know how much of one, had a few people get back to me saying it should be between 3 - 4, found out tonight it...
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    This is the start of a split in the Labour party, the far left will not be happy about this and unless Starmer cools thing down when he meets his party later today or Monday, I can see others standing behind LB. Great news for the country as it means they have no chance of getting into power if...
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    Holed or Not

    Not holed, I though the ball had to be at rest below the surface, well part of it .
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    4 balls

    We been told only 3 balls from next Friday, 10 minutes between slots.
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    Coronavirus - political views - supporting or otherwise...

    Saw it once and that was enough for most
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    Laughter - the best medicine

    Apparently, you can now visit friends... But you must stay in the car. I think the wife misunderstood what Boris was saying
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    Laughter - the best medicine

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    What have you got booked that is likely to be cancelled?

    Hair cut, 10:15 tomorrow
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    Coronavirus - how is it/has it affected you?

    Fresh air is good for you, out on the Mountain bike today, wet, very muddy but not a soul to be seen, a fantastic way to spend 3 hours, tomorrow playing golf with two others, meet in carpark, play golf, straight home with no clubhouse drinks, one member at the club has already got it and self...
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    Word Association - take 3

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    ipad and iphone

    Hi, Yesterday morning, on both my Ipad and Iphone I counldn't load this site, error saying " could not establish a secure connection ", works fine on this Mac but not sure how to get it back onto my phone and pad. Any ideas please, anyone !!
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    holiday insurance warning

    I have yet found an insurance company to insure me even for just two weeks, so for the last 3 trips to Cyprus I have just had my fingers crossed.
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    Resolutions ,

    Not so much of a new year resolution, but i did promise my doctor and cardiac consultant yesterday to carry on losing weight ( dropped 2st 2lbs ) since Nov 3rd and to reverse my Type 2 diabetes by March. Then to work on my cardiovascular training.
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    Word Association - take 3