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    Masters 2020

    A lot of that isn't true of the US Tour though it is on the European tours (mens and ladies). Bit like football US golf isn't really a bubble - though they are very careful around the tour venues.
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    What is it with Rory at Augusta?

    Mmmm - seems to have done Ok this afternoon.
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    Masters 2020

    100% agree with you there - he was just making sure that he was out of options.
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    Golf Random Irritations

    Mmmm - Lovely day here - there's a tee time available at 11.47 - should I?
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    Yes or No to yardage book/scorecard holders? and if yes share yours 📸

    These things would make me swear if a playing partner got one out.
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    Shinkwin is a disgrace!

    Was he wearing a hoodie at the time? :rolleyes:
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    Most Iconic Golf Picture

    To be fair if someone asked me to get a player's autograph I wouldn't do it either - Sorry Homie :rolleyes:;)
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    Most Iconic Golf Picture

    Exactly - I didn't see this live - set off camping that day - can remember first time I saw that pic on the back of a paper next day. I've worked alongside Dave Cannon who took that pic at a couple of tournaments, it was his first Open, probably the best golf photographer during the years...
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    A to Z of Golf Courses Played

    Alford Brooksville Country Club Cape Coral Country Club Downfield Eden Forfar Gullane Huntly Insch Jubillee Kirriemuir Leven Murcar Nairn Old Course Plantation on Crystal River Q Royal Dornoch Strathtyrum Thornton U V Westhill X Y Z
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    Most Iconic Golf Picture

    Seve at St Andrews - love a good celly pic and there's nothing I've ever seen in golf which beats that one
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    2020 Professional Golf Thread

    TV cameras usually make the action much brighter than it actually is - this looks like the floodlights at Alloa Athletic - weak and a weird colour. Still it's very dark not very far off the fairway, just as well it's not a mens event with their current trend of blast it anywhere.
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    Scottish golf trip advice

    I very much fancy a trip to Aberdour at some point
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    St Andrews courses November

    Not played the Castle but all the St Andrews links courses are excellent in their different ways - New is a smashing course, as is the Jubilee which to me is the toughest course at the Links. I'd thought that all the courses went to winter mats from November but having just checked it's only...
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    Golf Random Irritations

    Realising that now I'm back to photographing football and it's dark at night that I don't have time to play golf. Actually I'd always realised that was going to be the case and I've had plenty of value out of my season ticket this year but I don't really want to go back to playing a couple of...