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    Courses on common land

    There’s a footpath that runs through the middle of it but it is fenced off from the course itself. In theory you can walk onto the course from the path in places where there is access for players to cross over the path but I don’t think it would be considered open access. That said, taking a...
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    Lockdown Challenge

    My rugby club is doing a weekly combined 60km run on Tuesdays. Last week’s target was beaten by double. A few of us have also committed to an individual 60km running across the month. I’m a bit behind so I’m about to head off for a 12km run/bimble to get back on track.
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    Redirect from Forum when using iPhone

    Had it a few times this evening. Happens after a few minutes and then have to totally reload the site. Getting very annoying.
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    Golf Random Irritations

    Having to skip about ten pages of ranting on here to find something worth reading... Oh, and leaves on the ground that hide my ball.
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    Having a nightmare at the moment

    Get yourself a playing lesson on the course. Best value for money lesson you can get and it would seem ideal for your current issue.
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    Used balls

    I was given a big bag of lake balls for Christmas last year. Random selection of Callaway balls. I had a great round with a ball that seemed to work brilliantly for me so I took a note of its name and thought I’d buy some more when I inevitably lost this one. It was an HX Tour 56. On googling it...
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    Golf Clothing (Loyalty to brands for value for money)

    Something I’ve become more aware of in recent times is the sustainability credentials of the clothing I wear. Yes, I have clothing from brands with less than perfect records in this area, but I will try to buy stuff that has better credentials where I can. I realise this sometimes comes at a...
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    Multi Course Membership

    That was my back of a fag packet calculation. Thought it sounded a bit optimistic! Probably trying to cash in on the recent uptick in golf popularity.
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    Multi Course Membership

    I just had something pop up on my Instagram feed from a company called Kondor Golf. They are crowdfunding to set up a golf club that allows members to play at a number of courses (primarily in the south east) with no additional green fees. It sounds like a decent concept...
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    Titleist Tour Speed

    You’ll struggle to find any ball to play with if you go by that logic! ;) Agreed. Four different ‘tour’ level balls to suit specific different needs and priced well below other top of the line balls. I’m amazed Bridgestone don’t have a bigger following based on bang for your buck. And it’s not...
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    Is golf becoming a victim of his own success ?

    I wish my range was taking bookings but it usually requires at least fifteen minutes and sometimes oven an hour of queuing in the evenings. I’m all for people taking up the sport but I’m put off going to the range now as I don’t fancy standing in the rain for hours. The only guaranteed way is to...
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    Chrome soft or Chrome soft x

    Cheers. Last year’s model worked for me so happy to pay less for it!
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    Chrome soft or Chrome soft x

    Where does he get those Bridgestones at that price? I’m a big fan of those balls but they’re usually £30+
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    Marker pens

    Try using a compass.
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    Brrr... Frosty Mornings

    I’m no expert but I believe there is something about how the roots can get damaged in frost quite easily.