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    Playing without a glove...

    I learned in my second lesson why golfers wore gloves, swung club, didn't catch it right, club twisted and took a couple of layers of skin off the bottom of my left thumb. Never been without since.
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    Wearing non "golfing" waterproofs

    go with what is comfortable. I think the 'golf-specific' waterproofs have a little extra maneuverability or maybe i just bought mind a size too big. I dont think i could get my arms over my head without a squeeze in my regular waterproof jacket, but my golf ones i dont feel any pressure on my...
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    My first Handicap

    Just over a year, started playing last Feb. Missed playing since lockdown, managed to get out a couple of times but foot injury has flared up and stopped me playing past 5/6 weeks
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    Yes, i have their waterproofs, a few tees and a pair of shorts Cannot complain at all, ordered a few tees and balls from them too, they're really good. They're extending and improving their range of clubs and balls are getting good reviews.
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    My first Handicap

    I am glad you asked this, i had the same thing when i handed my cards in. I handed in 104, 102 and 99, SSS is 66, so i expected ~36 or so, got 29h.
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    Most daunting tee shot

    There's two for me, one is the 2nd and 18th at my local, the second is called 'the ravine' for good reason. This pic is from the tee box - short 300-ish par 4, drive-able this time of year with hard fairway The one that got the heart racing was at Dubai Creek, tee box is on the creek on a...
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    Driving ranges?

    Its a very good range, bit pricey but i like it. Occasionally gets busy late afternoon and Sunday's. Even when there is a queue, you're not waiting more than 10mins.
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    Golf Random Irritations

    I've been waiting since lockdown for a nice twilight comes, course open, latest tee time 1pm..... might do the same thing and take myself to Richmond Park Pay & Play, plus i can play full 18.
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    Driving ranges?

    My local range (World of Golf New Malden) sent an email round the other day saying they're opening up on Monday. The bays are really big actually, couple of tight spots walking through the shop but should be ok. Like others have said, baskets, dispensers and Topgolf screens are the things to...
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    Driving ranges?

    I've had the same thing on the Common, where I'm a member of one of the clubs. Called the ranger and they swiftly removed them, they're putting people in danger, so many people about walking atm, not worth it. I'd rather take hitting sponge balls than potentially injure someone...
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    Bling Your Swing

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    Sellers remorse - what kit should you never ever have flogged

    Not something I've sold but my Ping i25 Driver, i smashed it into the hard driving range floor at Dubai Creek GC - turns out almost impossible/impractical to swap shafts as it needs and adapter and a bits and pieces. I will forever remember the coach who told me to try a new stance then first...
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    Working from home

    Into my third week. Lucky to have a computer and not just a laptop, very hard in my line of work to use a laptop for more than just checking emails etc. Had to buy a desk chair as the dining chair was not good after an hour or two of sitting. My team isn't that social so no Zoom, whatsapp...
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    Bling Your Swing

    followed bys on insta the other day, like some of the fancy stuff they've done. But got to say that 3w looks fantastic, good idea keeping it classic looking. Will surely need these to touch up the sky marks on my new TM driver in a few months.
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    England Golf. Closing golf right or wrong?

    Completely the right thing to do. My course is on an open common with public walking around - hard to keep distance at times. Had an email from the captain this morning asking to make sure we pay fees - I understand this might put some clubs in trouble, but if we all do the right thing and...