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    Feature help needed: What to pack for a golf trip

    Family pack you mean!
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    Tech in the Basket - anybody bought from them

    Trust pilot reviews dont seem overly convincing, uk presence but banking in HongKong and devices bought rarely turn up on time, have bene second hand at times and sometimes arent the uk market model of device you may be expecting. Buyer beware and all that jazz.
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    Getting all-year round use of conservatory

    Underfloor heating is pretty good, wood/soft material flooring or the cosy roof type conversion. All of these should take the extremes away and would make a noticeable difference.
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    Coronavirus - how is it/has it affected you?

    We have removed a few more posts straying into political territory, can we stick to normal doom and gloom or positive viewpoints please and not lower ourselves to political opinion in the thread.
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    For those who carry a 2-iron..

    Cally X12 1 iron with original steel shaft in my bag a few years now. I bought it originally for a game at Royal County Down, hit it really well all day and decided to try it round certain holes at my home club and its been there ever since. Its good for short par 4s to leave a full wedge and...
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    Technically, what is the earliest point you could win a singles matchplay game?

    Not 100% sure but with penalties as well as actual hole losses it can't be too many.
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    Do You Use a Driving Iron

    If you can find one, a callaway X-12 or x-14 1 iron, I bought one a few years back and its been in the bag ever since. I find that it is such a versatile club, flat out and even chip recovery shots out from under low hanging trees etc, its much easier to hit than a blade type iron.
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    Costco Kirkland KS1 Putter

    We dont have Costco in NI, but just been on their site, they arent overly cheap compared to other discounted golf places. Certainly wouldn't be paying that much money for an unproven putter. That price point is a good odyssey or used Scotty.
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    a round of golf with a pro

    Got to be Phil Mick, just watching his short game would entertain me the whole way round.
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    Play it loud

    Back in Black - ACDC (In fact any ACDC) Big Bottom - Spinal Tap (whack it up to 11) Paradise City - Guns'n'Roses There is a few Dancey numbers too.
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    Anyone doing cheap deals on Clicgears?

    If you have an item for sale, can you post up in the for sale section including pictures then link it back here please and thankyouverymuch.
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    Male Enhancement Pills

    How long is an actual piece of string? Should a round of golf take longer than 3 hrs 30 minutes? Using yes or no answer, how does the colour blue smell?
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    Male Enhancement Pills

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    It may also be worthwhile looking at the Microsoft Surface Pro, slim with great mobility, battery life etc. Great for travelling, sat at a desk, on the sofa etc. A surface pro 6,7 or X would work well for most people, the screen resolution is fantastic too if photos are your thing.
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    Male Enhancement Pills

    Cheers guys, there are some details that the new members have to enter as well as answer a basic question. maybe time to change that question but to me it seems that there are two types of these, the hand made and the bots, todays post was a bot but we do get some random members that post...