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    Masters 2020

    ps: wanted £10 ew on speith but they would only give me £6.20 ew max stake slybet really are a joke of a firm
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    Masters 2020

    gone for 4 e/w with slybet 11 places; Thomas @ 11 Mcllroy @ 11 Bubba @ 25 Speith @ 50 good luck all
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    Winter Membership

    You do know it is going to rain almost every day from now until the end of March, don't you?
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    Chorley GC vs Bolton Old Links?

    Played Chorley today, it was err.......wet.
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    Question about Powakaddy noise

    received this prompt reply via email: Thank you for your email. The motor fitted to the new FX/CT range trolleys is a new more powerful 30V Motor, historically we have relied on a 12V Motor. Both motors do take time to bed in when they are new and of course due to the power difference the...
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    PowaKaddy build quality.

    Question for the OP: Does your motor make a noise when in use or is it completely silent?
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    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    19 handicapper, score today over 18 holes was: 3,6,6,4,4,6,6,4,5,5,5,4,4,3,4,11,6,4 on for my best score ever, spot the card wrecker!:eek:
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    Question about Powakaddy noise

    So no one has a powakaddy ct6? Ok, I’ll email them directly.
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    Question about Powakaddy noise

    Does anyone own the Powakaddy CT6 electric trolley? If so does yours make a whirring sound when you have the motor running? The reason I ask is because my friend has the Powakaddy FX and his is silent when has his motor running when the cart is in motion. Just wondering if mine is the norm to...
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    Adidas Golf Trousers.

    I take it you were alluding to the fact that they were, shall we say..err..tight fitting?
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    Playing golf over winter

    Did it last year and vowed never again. Played on a course that protects the fairways, so pick and place in the semi, or use a mat, not ideal. Though to be fair the greens were mostly in use unless it froze. The thing is it now rains pretty incessantly from now until April, so it's always very...
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    Could you make six birdies for £20k?

    What's a birdie?
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    2020 Professional Golf Thread

    I think its safe to say....Fleetwood is a choker
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    Playing my first 18 holes tomorrow

    Obsession with scores will only lead one way.
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    High Handicap Wedges Cleveland CBX 2?

    I've just done a similar same switch, although went via ping 2.0 glides, I now have the Cleveland CBX wedges but not had chance to use them yet.