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    Golf after lockdown 2

    My courses will both see what the rules say once an announcement has been made by England Golf.
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    It's good to hear that there is a vaccine but I see the biggest problem with it is that needs be stored below -80 deg C. Is that for the original vaccine before knocking down into doses? So, how quickly does it degrade or lose efficiency above that temperature? They will need liquid nitrogen...
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    You're Fired

    Fair cop !!
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    You're Fired

    I've been very lucky and never lost a job. I'm sure you will soon find another.
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    Ping weight missing.

    When I had a driver that the weight went inside the head and they had no replacement, Ping sent me the closest spec new driver from their range at the time.
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    Wearing a gilet

    I have a couple. One is a Glenmuir that is also good for light rain - not waterproof but the rain doesn't soak in. I often wear it over a base layer so that keeps my arms warm and doesn't cause a restriction for the swing.
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    World Handicap System (WHS)

    Our society has decided to stick to our method for the moment - which is based on the old Congu system but our CSS comes from the player who was 5th ( depending on the amount taking part). We have club members and those that are not. Club members could use their index as the basis for the day...
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    World Handicap System (WHS)

    My Congu handicap was 12.7 and last week my indicative index was 13.7 and following the weekends adjustment I now have 10.7 as an index - giving 13 at Enville , 12 at Wharton Park and 11 on Harris. That all sounds remarkably sensible - given all the problems noted here, I feel very lucky.
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    Tex Mex

    I can't play if there is no consequence. It has to matter to me as I try to play every shot with the same intensity. I play much better like that.
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    Tex Mex

    I avoid scrambles whatever the format. It just seems that there is no consequence of a bad shot or, I could hit one of my best ever shots ( for me) and then have to play from another place because someone else has to get shots in ! Crazy format.
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    Course and slope rating - anybody know the easier and harder courses in the UK?

    Yes - I really liked the different style - all set on a hillside. Great tea room too!
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    Course and slope rating - anybody know the easier and harder courses in the UK?

    It had to be easy if I played one under gross on it last year and I had not seen it before.
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    Happy WHS Email day

    I had one of those but not from the club that maintains my handicap !!
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    Woking GC 13 July 2021

    Me too please !
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    What constitutes a single digit handicapper post Nov 2nd?

    The whole point of WHS, besides being world wide, was to allow players to travel and their handicap to be relevant at a different course. Playing at a more difficult course than your home course gives you, potentially, more shots and fewer at a lower rated course. I can't see those that play...