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    Any clubs closed ?

    Brandhall was where I played my first round of golf. I was asked to make up a four ball from a cricket team and they gave me some clubs and bag. There is one hole close to a road that I managed to bounce a drive in the middle of- between a bus and an approaching car. They used the contours of...
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    Par 5s, Start and Finish

    Both 9 s of Envilles Highgate course start and finish with a par 5.
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    Driving ranges?

    The local one opened on the 18th and they give you a pre loaded basket as does the range at WP.
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    Has Game Golf finally died?

    I only miss shots on my V2 if I forget to start it at the first tee !! V3 being delivered in June so I can let you know how that gets on.
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    Make sure your club is obeying all the Health and Safety Regulations

    I have found booking on Intelligent Golf impossible full stop at present.
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    Could club memberships increase?

    Great endorsement of the club. Well done to them.
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    Gloating golfers

    A great day to be back playing. Some good , some poor but all enjoyed. Roll on Friday for the next one.
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    When do you think you will next play golf?

    Both WP and Enville are going to announce the limitations later today. Both are opening on Wednesday.
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    2 balls allowed

    Demand may be down due to all those returning to work.
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    The forums best holes

    North Wales GC 16th and 17th.
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    A-Z vinyl collection

    Steely Dan - every time
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    A-Z vinyl collection

    I first heard the Wish You Were Here album at the concert at Bingley Hall in Stafford. That place is long gone.
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    Golf course in 3 counties, it is unique?

    Approx 6 miles north of the tripoint.
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    Augusta - how much would you pay?

    With an invited field - of which some would not normally be able to play a tour event.
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    The Virus anybody else done the maths

    They are probably all reliable for that country at that moment and the method of counting - but certainly not comparable. Believable is another point.