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    Premier League 2020/21 Season

    I've never heard of a football player bringing a blood capsule onto the pitch to cheat?
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    NFL 2020

    /cough more than one Raiders fan on the forum (y) I think we can come out of the Chiefs game with a lot of positives, the team is progressing and showing it can compete with the top teams. Most of the defense spent the week off on Covid protocol, and yet again we get to face the Chiefs after...
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    NFL 2020

    "Sea of Hands" revisited
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    NFL 2020

    What a performance from the raiders last night, let's hope it's not another false dawn and they can build on that result
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    NFL 2020

    Stayed up as late as possible this morning, nearly went to bed after 1st quarter, Raiders and especially Carr were shocking After that Carr when back to his "dink & dunk" comfort blanket, Waller what a beast, got to be one of the elite TE in the NFL now "Vegas Baby"
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    Fitness question

    If you're looking to drop more it really has to be total lifestyle change I started at the turn of the year, and did it for Charity, for the Club Captains Charity Not only did I start an exercise regime, but cut out the crap foods, eating late, portion control. Have to give so much credit to...
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    Phone app for tracking scores for a group

    Golf Gamebook is really good for this, can keep several groups, and it's free
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    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    Buster Gonad?
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    Could club memberships increase?

    Our club gained 4 new members the day of re-opening 2 moved from other clubs, the other 2 had never been members of a club before
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    I played for the first time today in 50+ days and …...

    Not sure that would apply, as we're not playing head to head, it's best betterball stableford score out of several pairs On a similar thread would Foursomes now become Twosomes? It's a whole new world out there :eek:
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    I played for the first time today in 50+ days and …...

    I'm in the same boat as you guys, up in the air what's going to happen at the moment However I have gained a new nickname out of this "CaptainCorona" :cry:
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    I played for the first time today in 50+ days and …...

    Yes online Zoom meeting, It was ironic after the governments initial advice, I'd booked to partner the wife, of course after they changed the guidance I wouldn't dare change it to play with one of the usual roll-up guys (under penalty of death) so she became the 1st lady to play in the roll-up...
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    I played for the first time today in 50+ days and …...

    Well whatever you would call it now 2BBB? :D
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    I played for the first time today in 50+ days and …...

    Our weekly roll-up last night 10min tee times 4BBB all went home, met up on Zoom, compared scores had a few drinks and took the p*** out of each other.... Happy days Had to get up at 6am to book the slots for next week though :sleep::sleep:
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    Lone golf

    It could be worse, I'm gonna have to play with the wife now :eek: