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    Some of it undoubtedly is. A few stone overweight probably is laziness. 100lbs+ not sure. There's a lot of emotional issues when you get that big. A lot of self-loathing and feelings of worthlessness. There's also body dismorphia issues. Just like anorexics don't see they're that thin...
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    I find it interesting that the thin malnourished get pity and understanding. No-one feels the need to abuse them or tell them to just eat a Mars bar. On the other hand there's cart-blanche to abuse the large malnourished. It's their fault. They're weak. They get standard response of "just eat...
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    Playing conservative V going for it

    In general I'm not good enough to play safe. My driver is probably my most consistent club so I almost always hit that on longer holes and rarely hit total stinkers (apart from our 5th which has just gotten in to my head, but realistically still needs a drive!). It's approaches that are my big...
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    Wow - just wow

    Did a session at Donington a few years ago. Two blocks of 7 laps in a prepared hot hatch with a pro racing driver giving instruction. It wasn't possible to drive that car faster than I drove it that day. And then the pro took me for a couple of flying laps. OMG!!!! You could feel that the...
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    What TWO things really wind you up on your course?

    Bunkers. I'm rubbish at getting out of them and we have about 60 on the course. I like playing in a very early tee-time. Bit unfortunately so do too many other people.
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    What bounce on wedge for pitch shots?

    Does anyone have multiple wedges with the same loft? I don't mean in the bag at the same time, but do you bring your 54 high when you play a soft parkland, but your 54 low when playing hardpacked links?
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    F1 2019

    There was some talk that part of the reason for the Ferraris being slow was due to the bumpiness of the street circuit in Australia. They were very fast on the "normal" circuit in Barcelona. If that theory has any legs then they should be fast this weekend. Also, interesting but very nerdy...
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    Just watched Death of Stalin. Absolutely loved it. Horrifying and hilarious in equal measure. I'm a big fan of Armando Ianucci's work and this is right up there with his best. Made me quite interested to find out more about the history of the period too.
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    Golf in Portugal

    If you're close to Salgados then the next closest courses are Faldo and O'Connor. Both quite pricey tho. Silves is quite close too and much cheaper. We stay in Pera when we go (about 2km from Salgados). When we get taxis in the evenings there's no difference in price between normal cars and...
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    Unpopular opinions

    1. The Open rota has far too many Scottish courses. 2. Links golf is overrated. 3. Pros shouldn't be allowed free line-of-sight drops from TV towers and especially from grandstands - some of them are the size of small council estates - if you can't miss something that big you shouldn't be on...
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    Majors on Sky

    Not a massive fan of Sky's coverage, but very pleased it's all on one channel. Do like Butch on commentry tho. How many times will we be able to here him say "He couldn't have walked it out there any better"?
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    Anyone Here Using a Callaway Sure Out?

    I'm an awful bunker player, so I grasped the straw and tried the Sureout 58 and 64. btw I believe the reason for the 64 is that you aren't meant to open the face at all. Opening the normal wedge adds quite a few degrees. Anyway, before trying the Callaways I used to try to get out of bunkers...
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    How often do you change your irons?

    I change roughly every 3 or so generations. Had G5, G25 and now G. Skipped G400 and G410, but will probably look very closely at G420 (or whatever they're going to be called). Keep hoping I'll get good enough for some "i" irons instead of G, but hasn't happened yet.
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    What new courses have you got planned for 2019

    The UK ones that I know about (but I'm sure there'll be others) are * Shirehampton * Filton The overseas ones are * Salgados * San Lorenzo That'll leave Monte Rei and Victoria as the only 18 holers on the Algarve that I haven't played yet.
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    Golf course Gloucester

    Puckrup is in decent nick at the moment (full disclosure - I'm a member there). Tewkesbury Park is also quite good. Both are gently rolling parkland courses. Painswick and Cleeve Hill are common land courses so you have to like walkers/bikers/horse riders (and be fond of lots of sheep and cow...