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    Chicken Tikka massala shortage

    Wife got a curry kit from Waitrose this week and I have to say, it was very good and so simple to make, even I could do it: It's called The Spice Tailor and it's in a carton box with 3 packets inside. I added a few veg bits and cooked them with chicken. They do many variants, this was a Tikka...
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    Golf Random Irritations

    So, we have a guy in the group who walks ahead and we have to remind him there are three others playing too about 6 times a round. It really P's me off and by the time you get his attention, he turns around, then makes a 90 degree off the fairway to allow another play to take their shot, he's...
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    Toptracer Driving Range

    Local range has it - Winchester Golf academy, which faces south, it's the only way to see where your ball has gone on many of the very bright sunny days.
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    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    Ozark - excellent Jack Ryan - very good Bloodline - very good Queen of the South - good
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    When do you think you will next play golf?

    My Golf Tourettes has almost healed, about to be bust wide open again!
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    When do you think you will next play golf?

    Latest Daily Mail 17:24 'The document also corrected another blunder overnight, stating clearly that people are able to play outdoor sports such as tennis or golf with one other person from another household. '
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    When do you think you will next play golf?

    Dail Mail from 14:53 today, make of it what you will............... "When they're outdoors can they play sports? Yes, but again this must be limited to doing so only with members of your own household. Tennis courts and golf clubs could reopen in England from Wednesday, so long as social...
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    Stand up Electric trolley bag

    £38 but I was really hacked off with the powacaddy one. I read somewhere that someone put card around the back and sides to keep an original golf trolly bag upright, I soon lost patience trying that! Couldn't find one as big any cheaper. It needs to be this size 50"
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    Never up, never in

    Heavy putter for me in winter, currently liking a Ping with counterbalance in grip, the extra swing weight, especially on cold mornings. A lighter one in summer. Also important to remember the things you can control, like set up and drills you are currently working with. Don't make every putt...
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    Laser Rangefinder/GPS worth the money for recreational golf?

    Started with a laser and it's good, especially on hilly courses not played before. Use my Fenix 3 GPS watch for last year or so and rarely take laser out of the bag now. I then add all the mental equations into my club selection and shot like, lie, elevation, wind, how warmed up I am, how...
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    Stand up Electric trolley bag

    The change mat from Amazon finally arrived and it is a perfect size for my Powacaddy FW5s It relaxes flat in your boot, place collapsed trolley on top and pull rope front and back to contain it. Lay bag alongside, slightly diagonal to prevent trolley rolling (as previously with original bag)...
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    Stand up Electric trolley bag

    This looks like a possible solution: Just need to check sizes
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    Stand up Electric trolley bag

    I'm on the hunt for a Stand up Electric trolley bag or something that would do a similar job. I like using a bag in the car for the mud and it stops it sliding around a bit too. I have the Powakaddy bag and after a round of golf I end up fighting to get the trolley in the bag and end up with...
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    Ping G series woods.

    I have a G30 and a G410 Driver. I find the G410 gives better results with the swing variations I have ;) Better distance and left right dispersion. I also found the slim G400 Hybrids tricky to use on our 'sclaped' bare lie fairways, much better success with Big Bertha 2019 hybrids. Moral of my...
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    Waterproof Jacket Recommendations

    A good fitting breatheable one, as you'll no doubt be wearing it on warmer wet sessions too, so the breathing really helps. I got an UA one and very pleased with it.