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    BBQ advice II. What gas barby to buy?

    As per the total; anyone got one? What works for you and what aspect is a waste of time?

    Iím debating on getting one with a separate gas ring that will take a pan. HID says no.
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    Re: BBQ advice II. What gas barby to buy?

    Philistine, that is all
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    Re: BBQ advice II. What gas barby to buy?

    Have a big Webber, has a ring - never ever switched it on, yet in summer the bbq is on virtually every night.
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    Re: BBQ advice II. What gas barby to buy?

    I have a Weber, and itís awesome, mine came with the charcoal sections so you can have the middle that isnít over direct heat, you can also remove a ring from the middle to cook beer can chicken etc.

    They now sell it with a table attached, which would have been perfect for me.

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    Re: BBQ advice II. What gas barby to buy?

    Iíve got a landmann triton. Didnít get a gas ring as we didnít use the one on our old outback

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    Re: BBQ advice II. What gas barby to buy?

    At all costs, stay away from Outback Spectrum. Bought one a few years back. Loved it at first and my brother in law bought the same one on the back of seeing mine in action.

    Then a few uses later two of the control knobs just inexplicably snapped off. Only way to then control the heat was by using pliers to turn the metal rod which the knob previously sat on. Ended up just taking it back for a refund.

    The exact same thing happened to my brother in lawís as well. So I donít believe I just had bad luck with my particular one. So stay away!

    If you want to shell out for the best one, then by all accounts Weber are very good. Very expensive though.

    If you want a decent one without breaking the bank though, Asda are selling a good one at the moment. The make is Uniflame and the biggest sized one (four burner I think) is about £180 quid. I bought this one a couple of years back and have always been pleased with it. Itís got a ring too but I never use it.

    Oh and ignore anyone who says ďbut gas barbies arenít the same as real onesĒ. As I said on the other thread, I have a theory that less than 5% of people who claim they can tell the difference in taste between charcoal and gas cooked food could actually successfully do so in a blind taste test.

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    Re: BBQ advice II. What gas barby to buy?

    I have just bought this one. No side burner, didn't feel like it would ever be used. BBQ is awesome, have cooked some incredible steaks on it already. You really can't go wrong with a Weber.
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    Re: BBQ advice II. What gas barby to buy?

    With a gas barby you need a layer of Penroc brickettes between the burners and your food though.

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    Re: BBQ advice II. What gas barby to buy?

    Weber - theyíre so much better made than any other bbq Iíve had. They cost more but you can see where the money goes.

    If you want something for a year or two go cheap, if you want something for 5-10years, get a Weber.

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    Re: BBQ advice II. What gas barby to buy?

    I have one of these;

    Love it! Not too big, so heats up quick and easy to keep clean.
    Had a previous one with a gas ting and never used it.
    Has a door, so you don't see gas bottle, oh and you'll need a cover too for bird sh** and the winter months.

    If you get something similar I have a list of cooking times and temps which you may find useful (I cook like a scientist!)
    Just PM me your email.
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