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As the solicitor gave you this information he must have read it somewhere, so even if your house and next door are not registered it it must be part of the title deeds so read them. If you have a mortgage the title deeds will be lodged with the mortgage company or their appointed solicitor for all the legal work during the conveyancing.

It is very easy to check with the land Registry to see if both properties are registered. However they may not hold all the paperwork (they do not for mine as I have got it).

If not registered you can do it but you will have to pay a 1st registration charge.

If your neighbour has an original 999 year lease (quite common) you may well consider selling it to them.

My last leasehold property only gave the the landlord a ground rent of 30 a year so he kept trying to sell the freehold to me.
Mortgage companies do not hold deeds any more if the property is registered, the electronic record at the Land Registry is your title deeds if registered.

If the property is unregistered, the mortgage company will not release the deeds to anyone but a solicitor giving undertakings.

If you purchased less than 7 years ago, the solicitor will have the old file with copies of the deeds (some hold files for longer) but chances are they will charge an admin fee for copies and it is cheaper and quicker to use the Land Registry website.

If you want to DM me the address, I can at least look on the land registry map search service through my work account so see what is registered, what is not and whether there are both freehold and leasehold titles.