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    Re: Good Online Golf Info/Resources

    Thanks all. Good stuff here. FWIW Im definitely going to be having lessons with a pro and wont be relying on online tuition. I just like watching golf suff especially as a beginner where you can observe what good players do etc.

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    Re: Good Online Golf Info/Resources

    Quote Originally Posted by Jensen View Post
    Chris Ryan is excellent on YouTube. Has a very slow deliberate delivery style that is easy to follow.
    For instruction Chris Ryan is really good. He used to lip smack an awful lot and it really was annoying (hashtag misophonia). Hes stopped doing it now so I watch him again!

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    Re: Good Online Golf Info/Resources

    I like AMG (Atheltic Motion Golf) on you tube, they use real golf footage and turn players in to avatars to explain the point they are making, videos are normally around 5 to 10mins and if you like getting into the nitty gritty of the golf swing they can be very interesting.

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    Re: Good Online Golf Info/Resources

    the 'on the mark' podcast is really good.

    Lots of thought provoking interviews with coaches and players. Emphasis on how to play golf, as opposed to how to have the perfect swing.

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