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Thread: ball testing

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    ball testing

    I just received an email that I have been chosen as a tester for Taylormade Project(s) balls for a German online magazine. Basically I will receive a dozen balls for free and am expected to post about my experience with them on my twitter and YouTube channel and maybe in my blog as well as in their online community. I want to take this seriously and not just play the balls during my usual rounds, but also really compare them to the balls I usually play (the Wilson DX2 soft). Given that I don't have access to a launch monitor and I am really far from being a robot when it comes to hitting balls, any ideas for some repeatable tests I can put the balls through?

    I am thinking things like chipping or pitching to a certain landing spot and see how much rollout I get from there. Comparing driving distances I can do as well (as I have posted a while ago, my drive seems to be the most consistent shot in my bag). Other ideas for tests a high handicapper can do without making it completely random?
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    Re: ball testing

    Just play your normal game with them and see how they go.

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    Re: ball testing

    It’ll be difficult to be scientific about it when in the course. Too many variables.

    A suggestion might be to play a round with your normal ball but for each stroke play a second shot from the exact same spot with the test ball. Obviously you would just pick up the test ball each time after you strike it.

    Might give you a realistic ‘in situ’ comparative experience of the feels and on course results for the new ball vs old ball.

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    Re: ball testing

    How the ball feels off the putter face is always important and easily comparable.
    I would take myself onto the course on a quiet day and find a quiet spot and hit a range of shots from 120yds and in with my regular ball and the test balls.
    You would soon get plenty of feedback as to how the ball performs in the short game.

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    Re: ball testing

    I think you are being too "serious" about it.

    They dont want you to be a robot or scientific - they can do that themselves. They know who you are (and presumably your level of ability) - they just want you to play your normal game with the balls, and then to say what you think about them.

    Enjoy !
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    Re: ball testing

    When I tested the Tour Softs a few weeks back I played rounds exclusively using the TS, some with my normal ball and some swapping between them. I'd hit a shot and sometimes put the TS down and play a similar shot to guage a difference - it was never going to be exactly the same but you get a feel for it. Putting was done on the practice green and out on the course. On the practice green I'd take a TS, a ProV1 and X, a Z-Star, AD333Tour, Chromie etc etc and hit the same putt with each ball - you soon get a feel for any differences of preferences.
    I did all this on rounds where I went too worried about the score - I was testing, not playing for handicap.
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    Re: ball testing

    I'm currently testing the Project (a) for myself; much more important than any output for a magazine!

    Whilst I agree with most of the observations others have posted, as can be seen from the wording used it's almost impossible with such subjective assessment to differentiate between different/better/worse even within your own game.

    A simple example - chipping. A ball that reacts differently to the one you are used to must be a bad thing in the short term. Unless you literally spend hours a day for a week chipping with the new one you aren't going to get to the point where you can appreciate what that ball can do for your chipping - all you will end up with is a new feeling of what's normal!

    You can use a range of balls on a launch monitor to get the numbers for you with each (which is how I ended up with this ball...) and time on the course to get some sort of evaluation of what those numbers really mean to your game (the changing conditions over the last couple of months have made this bit difficult for me) but ultimately it comes down to the simple equation of whether you end up with any real preference for that ball over the one you currently use.

    Just enjoy the game!
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    Re: ball testing

    I only really have one test for a different ball. Drop it on concrete and see if I like how it bounces (sound, return height etc) Some are dead sounding and don't bounce up too far while others have a much higher spring and appealing sound

    That's it really

    If its a dull/low bounce ball that'll be in my mind when I hit it off the tee because my preference is the opposite

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    Re: ball testing

    Some great advice in here already

    If Germany's anything like the UK at the moment (baked to dust) then long game testing will be pretty pointless due to the randomness of the bounces far outweighing spin rates, carry distances etc

    I'd therefore judge more by feel and how the balls perform (spin etc) around the greems

    But overall I wouldn't worry too much about it. As the poster above said they test performance with robots so will juast want some honest real life feedback and will likely know the ability levels (hcp) of the testers


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    Re: ball testing

    If it was me I'd probably just play a round on my own with two balls, one of the new ones and one of your normal ones. You won't be hitting the exact same shot with each (apart from on the tee), but over the course of 18 holes it should even out that you've hit enough long irons, short irons, chips and putts with each to get a feel for which you prefer.
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