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    Re: Golf vs Football

    Quote Originally Posted by Orikoru View Post
    Yeah and 3 and a half million watch Love Island. There really are some nutcases in this country.
    Cue someone doing a comparison with the 17 million who did or didn't vote for Brexit So how does that TV audience for the last England game included the hundreds of thousands watching it in pubs, golf clubs or chucking beer around in celebrations in Croydon or Newcastle?

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    Re: Golf vs Football

    No brainer. The footie for me.
    to infinity and beyond...

    ...well from 10.0 to 9.4 this year would be nice.

    And last medal of the year (Oct) saw me play to handicap but CSS was +1 so that was me down 0.2 from 8.3 to 8.1

    Job done

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    Re: Golf vs Football

    Football isn't really my thing. I don't mind watching a good game but I can't get passionate enough about it to go jumping all over Ikea furniture or an ambulance when they win. I wish I could get into it but it has always been a bit...meh.

    I haven't watched any games so far apart from tuning into Columbia game at about 85 minutes to see what the score was. I saw the Columbia goal then my attention moved elsewhere and we know the result.

    So for the good of the country I am going to steer clear and enjoy some Millionaires golf

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    Re: Golf vs Football

    Whilst I wish England well & hope they win I have pretty much no interest in watching 90 minutes of turgid rubbish with a liberal sprinkling of play acting thrown in, my wife and daughter have barred me from watching anyway as they know that I would only moan about the diving/cheating and then fall asleep thus ruining their enjoyment, so I think I will be off to play 9 holes of golf.
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    Re: Golf vs Football

    The semi finals and finals of both divisions of our club championships are scheduled for this Sunday (semis in the morning, finals in the afternoon). Must have seemed like a good idea at the time. Hopefully common sense will prevail and the finals will get rescheduled if England get through.

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    Re: Golf vs Football

    Three MAJOR's to be played at my previous club this Sunday. Which muppet organised that?!!!!!

    Not only that but the last game on the Sunday was when the Scratch Cup was on two rounds in a day. That got scrapped.

    Hee hee hee. I wondered why my ears have been on fire lately.
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    Re: Golf vs Football

    Annual weekend away with load of mates this weekend. If England are in the final, we have pretty much agreed to only bother playing 9 holes on Sunday so that we can be in and watching the final. I suggested going out for the 2nd 9 after the football, but it didn't go down well!

    If England don't reach the final, then we have 18 holes of golf with a hangover to enjoy/endure
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    Re: Golf vs Football

    Quote Originally Posted by Jasonr View Post
    It's Wednesday 11th July, you missed out on Golf last weekend due to family birthdays and you are not sure if you will be able to get out next weekend due to more family birthdays.
    You also only really get to the chance to play Golf at the weekend as you tend to get home too late (circa 7.30-8pm) to be able to play much during the week but you will be let out of work a little earlier on Wednesday because a certain match is on.

    Do you go home and watch the game or go to your golf club knowing that it will be completely empty and you will be playing Millionaires Golf.

    I know what I will be doing but just interested in what others would do when faced with this.
    If you decide to play, it is very likely that you will meet a similar like minded person enjoying millionaires' golf, and have an enjoyable day. If you beat your handicap you will come off the course elated, if you don't, you will still have enjoyed the fresh air and exercise and the company of a fellow golfer. It's likely that he/she hasn't cheater or felt the need to spit every twenty seconds.
    On the other hand, if you feel that you want to be a sports spectator rather than a player, you will no doubt sit in a room for some four hours or so without the fresh air and exercise, watching a group of 22 people watching a sport that you may or may not play yourself. I'm assuming that you will be supporting England and therefore you are not certain to have the elation you wish for. If they lose you will not have enjoyed the game because the game itself is unimportant in football, it's only the result that matters.

    The choice is yours. Do you want to be player or simply a spectator?

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    Re: Golf vs Football

    You play in par, yey

    You birdie a hole, yey

    England win the World Cup, the country goes nuts, random people hug each other, it is a moment of history, it is a where were you moment. More than double yey.
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    Re: Golf vs Football

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Tyrion View Post
    You play in par, yey

    You birdie a hole, yey

    England win the World Cup, the country goes nuts, random people hug each other, it is a moment of history, it is a where were you moment. More than double yey.
    You are speaking from a football fans perspective- there will be plenty of people who will prefer to have a game of golf and enjoy that instead of the hype of the football

    For some reason people seem to think that the whole country is getting washed up in all the celebrations-

    If there was a Comp next Sunday then I would be playing in the Comp even if the tee off is at the same time as the final - I love sports , love watching them but love playing them more than anything else

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