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Thread: The wind effect

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    The wind effect

    Does the direction of the wind effect your golf course.

    If the wind is North/North East at my club I find it near impossible to score well.
    On the front 9 we have 3 par 5s that for me are not reachable in 2 with this wind,which means most players can reach in 3 which also means I lose my advantage as I can reach them all with a South Westerly, whilst a lot of players can't reach in 2.

    I felt it was impossible on this day to play anywhere near my handicap.
    Does your course have something that makes you feel its not possible to play to your handicap.
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    Re: The wind effect

    Wind from the prevailing direction doesn't help me much. It can be a hindrance as it's easier to run too far and be blocked on the 2nd shot.
    If it's in the opposite direction it can help greatly, making a couple of the par 5s reachable in 2 - prevailing winds = no chance.
    Our 16th is a big dogleg right - so big that a fade won't do it, you need a power slice!
    Prevailing wind is in completely the wrong direction, making it hard to pull off with more than a light breeze. Any other direction and it's a relatively simple shot.
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    Re: The wind effect

    Not really where I play because the holes are probably equally proportioned on a direction basis.

    I have played several out and back courses where the wind direction makes a big difference eg Came Down in Dorset is a much easier course when the wind is 180 degrees to the predominant, mainly westerly, wind.
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    Re: The wind effect

    On our course it does make a massive difference, especially on the first four holes (which are normally straight into wind). The third hole is a long par 4 (the longest on the course and stroke index 1) and the length is pretty much the only thing that makes it difficult. When the wind comes from the other side and you are playing it downwind, it suddenly becomes way easier. Same for the 4th where you have an approach shot over water. Into wind it is easy to underclub and end up in the water, with the wind helping you are more likely to hit it through the green, which is not that much of a problem though, there is a nice little patch of longer grass which catches your ball and it is not too difficult to chip on from there.

    I generally find it a bit easier when the wind is coming from the east or south east instead of the prevailing north westerly direction.
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    Re: The wind effect

    Wind direction plays a big part on our course as there are several carries from the tee and from the fairways. Only the longer hitters are able to take them on if the wind is against, the other thing we get a lot of is cross winds mostly from the left.
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    Re: The wind effect

    Oh yes definitely wind direction has a huge effect.

    The current Easterlies we are getting have a huge effect on 1,2,3,4 and 5 where they all pretty much hep you ball on its way or at least blow it away from trouble. The easterly has no real impact on 6,8 and 9 despite all these holes playing into the wind, reason being is that they are all short but narrow par 4's where accuracy is more important than distance. The long par 5 7th benefits from the easterly wind as does the narrow 11th where with the help of the wind you can hit iron off the tee for accuracy rather than perhaps a 3wood or driver into the normal westerly.

    No real difference on 13 and 14 but he easterly on 15 usually helps guide a slicers ball away from deep rough/trees. Perhaps the hole that "suffers" the most from an easterly is the 173yd par 3 16th where any poor shot will be further impacted by the incoming wind.On 17 the wind direction is largely irrelevant...perhaps the easterly helps the tee shot more but the westerly will assist the 2nd shot and approach on this sweeping dog leg par 5.

    Finally....the 18th also suffers mildly from an easterly wind.

    Basically....warm, dry conditions, where the fairways are running firm and an Easterly wind and I'm rubbing my hands with the expectation of scoring tomorrow!!!
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    Re: The wind effect

    On the courses I was playing regularly, if the prevailing wind was blowing and couple of holes became a lot harder, 200yd par 3 off the whites into the wind was interesting, and a couple of holes made a long par 4 and a par 5 even longer.

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    Re: The wind effect

    Our prevailing wind is usually directly into on the 9th and it's only 400 yards but in the winter is barely reachable even by the longer hitters. 18th runs in the same direction and makes the third into the green over a pond a tricky prospect.

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    Re: The wind effect

    I would have thought the general answer to the question posed is always going to be yes.
    Whether it's being wet, dry, windy (as opposed to still) or even cold there will be an impact on how each and every hole plays - and that impact will have a different scoring factor for everyone based on their playing charecteristics.

    Courses are rated for their default conditions - CSS is designed to resolve the conditions on the day.
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    Re: The wind effect

    When the wind turns around 180 degrees from the prevailing wind my place can get very tough.

    We have 6 par 4's, each over 400 yards which normally play downwind, but once it changes direction even the big hitters can find it tough getting up with anything short of a long iron or F/W wood.
    Fortunately it's currently so dry the ball is rolling further than normal, but when it gets damp with the wind change it can get very tough.

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