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    Re: Cracks in the ground

    Quote Originally Posted by duncan mackie View Post
    Playing devils advocate.....what you have written would seem to suggest that with the ball sitting on pretty much any tiny crack you may take relief (that if the area had a lot of cracks could enable you to move the ball a huge distance when it lands on a new crack when dropped each time) but that if the ball (amazingly) wasn't on a crack, but there was an 8" crack preventing you from taking your stance, it's tough luck.

    As to whether it's 'correct'; as presented i would suggest that 25-12 says that such a worded LR isn't acceptable. Suitably defining 'in crack and 'crack' would be required.
    Jeez “ In crack and crack” not sure what the difference is

    All I know is if your ball is in a crack that’s not usually there and has been caused by the hot spell you get a drop!

    npr is next to the crack so drop twice if it rolls into another one then place next to said crack .
    If not in crack play as it lies!
    stance is not included it’s tough.

    That seems simple enough for most players to grasp.

    But as a devils advocate I wouldn’t fancy my chances against you in court.
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